Working With Lazy People (Halloween)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 25 Okt 2016
Hey everyone hope you guys enjoyed this story :D. Let me know in the comments if you had a similar experience or just feel like sharing a story :D
also.....bangle donk thromple diks
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  • By the why I love you somethingelse yt

  • You know what you should have done to scare people.... you should have put one of the cars on the grass and splattered some corn syrup with red dye and have a guy hold a chain saw and have the chicks scream than look at the victims and chase them

  • tell us about a crush you had

  • 2:10 look at dis dudes face

  • what music did he use at the end?

  • Comment 8

  • when i was younger, in french we had to make a presentation and i was paired with this really annoying kid who wouldn't do anything. like, he would just put stupid words into the translator and the teacher did jACK SHIT. but then i asked to work alone, and i did lots of work, and the kid got in loads of trouble for doing nothing. i win

  • Omg dude gorls r so dramatic I’m a girl but I like hanging out with boys and with girls who aren’t like that

  • I love your videos You’re so awesome!

  • Was James there he made a video like this one

  • OMG I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU WORKED..... Ik this is an old video but I’m just watching it now

  • yea I think I was there

  • Most girls are jerkish bastards with no brains. I SAID MOST. PS. I'm a girl. That's why I said MOST.

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  • 0:15 Plot twist The dad was hank and Conner was from Detroit become human

  • I can here his jaw being mssed up

  • I have this problem when ever I get pared with Lazy or attention seekers

  • Omfg... you have really improved in art

  • Play kindergarten! Ik im late but its fun!

  • Yeah I had to work with someone like that, his name was desman

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  • I wanna scare people!

  • I went and got good grades and joined the NJHS and had to do like 20 volunteer hours. So I ended up volunteering at a kids school haunted house and had to chase kids while being a zombie. It was boring because we didn’t look like zombies at all.

  • Every group project ever

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  • Why they so lazy?

  • at first, I read lazy people as lazy purple. I has big dumb

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  • Ha ha once my brother Through me on tile floor😵

  • I didn’t know the girls had 294 accounts

  • I would've been a pro at that shit! Lol I have this mask I made that freaks everyone out all the time. Some of the fake blood on there is actually real blood. Also I can make this terrifying eardrum bursting scream that sounds like some kind of banshee mixed with demon XD

  • I dangle from a tree once..... then fell in cow poop

  • ur funny but ik the feeling😂😂😂😂😂😂 love u so much ur an amazing person Adam dont let anyone take u down even tho ik u dont ur so nice funny and amazing i hope u red this and smile hooe to make ur day.. agian ur and amazing and so funny person.. ok bye😂💞

  • please tell me someone noticed the camletoe at 1:08

  • OK well I was the one who got scared two times OK so the first ime I was like 6 and there was a yard that looked pretty bland but my mom insisted we still check for candy so we did and there was motion sensor that was fucking scary as hell cuz when it sensed u the most real looking and snounding chain saws would come out of the ground around u little to say me and my sister rand back to the truck and did not get cand from that house. Second time there was a guy dressed a wolf we thought he was prop and he let us think that so we got candy and talked to the ppl who gave us the candy for a bit then ad we were leaving THATS WHEN HE DECIDED TO SCARE US LIKE REALLY I mena yea that's great time to do it cuz they think oh that was it let's just go they no longer expect to be scared but REALLY

  • I feel bad for you Adam but still it was funny lol XD

  • Somethingelseyt

  • Is he drunk when he records this?

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  • Thats how girls work

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  • BEST ID-tv CHANNEL like if u agree

  • I did the same thing with my classmates in school ...

  • 4:58 Hit by firewall

  • 4:58 Hit by firewall

  • Relatable

  • You could have your friend run out screaming then tackle your friend act like your eating him the third man bolt from the house and jumps on the people in truck then you and your friend follow jumping on to