XG DAYS #13 (HINATA's Birthday)

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XG DAYS #01 - #13
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1st Mini Album ‘NEW DNA’
2023.09.27 Wed
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XG's First Solo Audience Live Showcase
2023.11.26 Sun
Venue: PIA Arena MM, Japan

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    • She’s so extra in everything 😭😭😭😂 we love her for that ❤😂😊

    • The girl is always on fire and still the scene 😂❤

    • ​@@rftg1793Osaka womans are the best!

    • @@arlesouza4068 i gotta agree with you on that😩

    • *steal


    • My hands were cut off because of an accident. I'm using "Hey Google" to write this.

    • 🤚 🤚 meeeeeee!!!❤🎉 🥳💫💗HAPPY BIRTHDAY HINATA 🎂!!🎉❤

    • 🤚

    • Meeeeeeee🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️💗💗💗👑💗👑💗👑💗

  • 高いプレゼントもいいけどこういうその時にしか書けない世界に一つだけの手紙っていいよね🥲 この時代だからこそずっと活字として残る手紙って素敵に思う✨

  • コンテンツ見るたびにメンバーをどんどん好きになる…😭❤️

  • Chisa is sooo funny I can't 😂😂😂

  • The difference between XG and other groups is their closeness to the CEO who is like a brother or family, not just a business partner and often communicates with each other which makes my heart melt so it is more enjoyable and fun to watch. Maybe because Simon (CEO) is still relatively young, so he can get along better with his children, it's different from other big agencies where the average age of the CEO is rather old, so there are manners that must be maintained and respect for older people. Anyway, happy birthday to Hinata, I hope you all will be more successful and stay humble, be a good example and role model for the next generation. Alphaz will forever support you.

  • 8:20 ちさちゃんの関西弁ごりっごりの手紙最高すぎるwwww

    • 「おめおめちゃん❤️」がギャル+関西のちゃん付け文化(飴ちゃんetc.)を彷彿させて、もうチサ大好き😂❤️

  • Hinata is such a cute bundle of joy~ Thank you for being born! Keep shining, Hinata💫

  • やばい💕 Chisaちゃんのバースデーソングが国歌斉唱みたい😂

  • 推しと同じ言語が話せるって最高。へそのおー!の意味を理解できてちさちゃんがパイセンをspicyって聞き間違えた時の意味が分かって推しを100%楽しめて嬉しい😂HINATAちゃんおめでとう!!!

  • ほんっっっとにXGメンバーは尊い! 言葉が強い(汚い)人がいないのが自分的にさらに好きになるポイントなんだよね

  • ちーちゃんのHappy Birthday Song🎤🎶本気過ぎる😆👍 お母さんのお腹にいた時からマイペースだったひーちゃん😂さすがです!w 産まれてきてくれてありがとう𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴❤︎

  • "i bet i'm going to have tons of letters from you guys in ten years" feeling very emo in the club rn😭😭

  • Jurin and Hinata were actually go to Disney Land after that, amazing that the wish came true❤

  • Chisa is always taking me out😂😂😂 HBD Hinata!!!🥳

  • Hinata needs more lines in songs. She’s such a great vocalist. Happy birthday Hinata

    • ​@@ElTemneasking for a fair line distribution isn't creating an issue

    • ​@@ElTemneikr? shes my most favorite ( tho i have 7 favorites in this group😂) and shes doing just fine.

    • @@ElTemneI’m not creating any issue? I just said she needs more lines? That’s my opinion?

    • @@JoeZ-pe7gzI’m not? yall the ones making what I said an issue 🙄

    • careful, i had a crowd of angry alphaz with pitchforks outside my window for saying Hinata needs more lines. we’re not allowed to have any form of opinion around here 💀

  • At this point if someone ever gets to meet XG on their birthday please request CHISA to sing HBD to you 😆😅

  • Happy birthday HInataaa....🎂🎊🎉

  • 4:10 チサの熱唱好きすぎるwww ヒナタおめでとう♡♡♡

  • Simon said in Xtra Xtra 8 that Hinata provides the balance in the group, if this is the case she is arguably the most important member,. She is reliable, calm , strong and just gets on with it. And honestly she may not shine like some of the others but I always notice her.

    • She shines to me and I always see myself looking for her during choreography, I think it’s because she’s a Main Dancer. I just gravitate to her as leadership role while dancing.

    • ​@@awkwardsanchez6231Yes true😊

  • CHISAの横で必死で笑いをこらえるCOCONA😂

    • Lol, I saw it. Cocona is mischievous in her own little way 😅

  • どんなに忙しくても手紙で想いを伝えるXGちゃん愛おしすぎる🥹💕 「10年後にはすごい数になってそう」って笑い合えるのほんと素敵だよ✨

  • Hinata is a princess 💙

  • 疲れてるXGは全然疲れてない時の私より100倍元気💪

  • チサちゃんのノリが好きやわwwww

  • ハッピバースデー歌うチサちゃんがさすがの上手すぎるwwwww 全てが素敵なひなたちゃん大好きです🫶

  • Chisa you are truely the sunshine😂 HBD hinata🎉

  • happy birthday, hinata 🩷🥳

  • Моя хороша дівчинка вже така доросла 😢 ❤ Хіната - просто щось неймовірне. Вона мила, але водночас має ту глибину і внутрішній стержень, який вражає ❤❤❤❤❤

  • このパパ可愛すぎる

  • Happy birthday to the XG Dad! ✨✨

  • Love how they sang happy birthday with their own different keys 😂😂😂

  • まーーじで母国語でコンテンツ追えることが嬉しすぎる…


  • 1:19 jurin taking 0.5x selfies of hinata with flash is killing me lmfao

  • Lol, I like how they're always full of surprises. Hinata was wondering what was going on with the bells & alarms ringing. Happy Birthday Hinata!

  • Чіса і її народний вокал - це настрій на весь день 😂❤

  • Happy birthday Hina-chan

  • チサちゃんの手紙、朝ドラに出てくるセリフみたいでめっちゃ好き笑

  • ちさちゃんの手紙、英語訳とかどうなってんだろwww この笑い世界に届け!笑

  • They're so funny 😂❤ Hinata didn't cry cause she's 21 already as she said. 😂💪

  • 皆んな同時に喋るからやかましくて可愛い😂❤

  • Tanjoubi Omedetou Hinata chan! 🎉

  • 我可愛的Hi醬啊 不愧是21歲的大姐姐!不會哭了🥹 感謝今年遇到了妳們🥰 我也要大步前進 不停歇 讓我們一起前進吧 Alphaz Alphaz we go ride or die 🐺👽❤️‍🔥

  • カメラの前だけでなく、ほんとに仲良しなのが伝わってきて尊い❤ てか、これ見てる時の私、これでもかってくらい笑顔で気持ち悪いわ。

  • It's good to see that our birthday princess Hinata is surrounded by so much love! ❤🧡💛🤗💚💙💜

  • もう深夜でみんな疲れてるから手紙読まなくてもいいよーっていうのを どっちでもいいよーって言い方にしてるのにヒナタちゃんの思いやりの深さを感じました😢 本当にみんながみんなを思いやっている空気感で、あらためてXGの絆の深さを知れた映像でした!

  • Happy Birthday, Hina-chan!

  • 忙しくても手紙を書く、一緒に歌を歌う、皆でお祝いする。 XGちゃん見てて思うけど結局、思い出を共有した分だけ絆や思いは深まるんだよなぁ。 ちゃんとそこを大事にしてるの偉い✨ さすがギャルマインドの持ち主だ🥳

  • 4:11 Chisa's always so extra LMAOOOOOOOO

  • 今まで生きてきて一番かっこいいバースデーソングが聞けた。 HINAっちゃん誕生日おめでとう🎉

  • I was in denial for a long time about how much I loved XG, their songs, performances, personalities and everything. Guess I'm finally an Alphaz ❤

    • Glad you have seen the light!! 🤣🤣, Welcome to the pack!! 🐺💙

  • ヒナタの誕生日でハーヴィーが張り切って手紙を書こうとするシーンで、どうしてもハーヴィーの誕生日回を思い出しちゃって改めて見に行って更に最高な気持ちになった笑 ヒナタはxtraでXGの根っこになるって言うシーンがあったけど、今俯瞰したらジュリン・ヒナタ・ハーヴィーの2002's(CHISAは早生まれ)がXGの大きな幹だしXGの充実ぶりが伝わってくるなー ヒナタ誕生日おめでとう!更なる飛躍を願ってます!!あくまでヒナタのマイペースでね!笑

  • OMG why is Chisa so funny. I keep re playing whenever she's funny. Gets better over time. Love it.

  • I also want to hear maya, juria and amy's letters to hinata, will the fan club have them?😂😂

  • Chisa me hace reír siempre 😂

  • Happy birthday to Hintata, the dad of XG. Hope you get more Vocal opportunities. Keep killing it at dance too. XG are so chaotic but I love it, no holds barred is their style.


  • Happy Birthday Hinata!! 💕

  • Happy Birthday Hina-chan!✨🎉🎂💗

  • こんな仲のいいグループって他にいるのか?と思うくらい仲良し家族で素敵❣️ XG最高🔥

  • Chisa is just naturally funny

  • Happy birthday Hanata

  • チサはファンクラブ用動画でもいつも全力で滅茶苦茶面白い🤣

  • チサちゃんアンミカやんwwww

  • when jurin said to the members " we are a family" i got a little teary, this groups bond is seriously a bond thats hard to find these days, im so happy to be on this exciting journey with them and watch them make their way to the top

  • Happy birthday again Hianta❤❤

  • 愛❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I missed this content so much. Right after the buzz of initial Shooting Star release these XG days member bday videos were some of the first XG content I would binge and really got me started on becoming dedicated as an Alphaz. Refreshing to get to see them like this again amidst all the big stages and successful performances they have been on the past months. So happy to know they are still their naturally beautiful (inside and out) and goofy selves. The most lovely alien sisters! P.S. Chisa never stops being so hilarious! 😂

  • XG ❤

  • 🤍🤍Have the best day, we all love you Hinata 🍡

  • Feliz cumpleaños hinata 💞


  • Satu hal yang gua suka dari xg,senyum lebar mereka jarang banget gua liat dari gg gg yg laen

  • Happy Birthday Hinata 🎉

  • hinata will always be our baby 😫🎀🎀

  • ヒナタちゃん赤ちゃんみたいなほっぺしてるな! XGめっちゃテンション高い!だけど若さとノリだけじゃなくて、 お互いへのリスペクトと配慮や思いやり、ていうか愛! を感じられるから安心して見てられる

  • おちさ声量エグすぎるかっこいい😂✨️

  • HINATA YOU ARE TRULY XTRAORDINARY!!! The beauty of your growth continues to shine, we ALPHAZ are so proud of you! May this year bring constant success to your hard work and diligence! And may your family including your XG family be ever closer to your side! You can see Hinata fighting hard to not cry at some points of the video. Now that’s growth!

  • Happy late birthday hinaa ~~~~!!!!!!🎉🎂

  • I was smiling ear to ear from the beginning till the end. Jurin is such a beautiful and wonderful leader and the fact that she wants to read the letters out loud, but being shy about it lol. Chisa is such a vibe and as always, super extra lol. Cocona’s letter was so heartwarming and honest. The bond between these ladies are so precious, strong and loving. It’s contents like this is what makes Alphaz so happy. Just to see them being themselves. I love it when Maya just laid down on the floor like she usually does and Chisa just looking at her lol. Also Cocona screaming she’s too tired. Agh, I miss the days on 3 meals a day when Cocona was teasing Juria, Hinata and Maya. She’s such a maknae. Harvey being the sweetheart she’s always been to her sisters. RiaHina combo was so cute. And of course Simon always giving the ladies special gifts on their birthdays. I wonder what it is since the last time he gave, was it Juria or Chisa a pillow? Lol. I big big Happy 21st Birthday to Hinata even though it was 4 months ago lol

  • Hinata is such a sweet soul, she’s so much different from the rest of the girls and really brings everyone together 🥲 can’t wait for her to have more and more lines once her confidence in english comes up ❤️


  • ほんとに仲良しで癒される〜


  • Hina桑 生日快樂🎁🎉🎊

  • Happy Birthday Hinata. the awesome one.

  • Happy birthday hinata!!!

  • Please keep your relationship as sweet off screen as your are on screen. I can clearly see the love and friendship shining through. ❤️ Trinidad 🇹🇹

  • ビジネス仲良しじゃないのが伝わってくる。最高だね😂

  • みんな忙しいのに、とか、夜遅くなるから、とか、気遣い優しさ可愛さに溢れてるHINATAだから推せる🥹💓誕生日おめでとう〜

  • Awww everyone had such a good vibe despite working and practicing late at night 🥺 I wish my friends wrote letters to me the way I did to them on their birthdays back then 😔Whoever encouraged these girls to write instead of editing a photo, or online messaging/texting their birthday greets to their bffs, you guys are the best 💖It's more personal when you write and draw on your birthday greets ❤ 18 more days 'till their 'NEW DNA' album drops!! Hope everyone has their pre-orders ready!

    • I think it’s a Japanese custom. It’s wonderful to be honest

  • Happy Happy Birthsu Day Hinita

  • Ааа С ДНЁМ РОЖДЕНИЯ 😘 надеюсь она будет так же успешна в будущем

  • happy birthday hinataaaa

  • Happy birthday to Hinata 🍍and all of your wonderful friends! ❤

  • Hinata is so adorable!! XG is so supportive of one another!! Happy Birthday Hinata ❤️

  • Gua akhir nya nemu komedian di xg, my beloved vocalist Chisa heheheeh


  • tanjoubi omedetou, hinata! 🎂