XG DAYS #16 (MAYA's Birthday)

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2023.11.26 Sun
Venue: PIA Arena MM, Japan

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  • Martin really was at a loss for words, she’s usually so articulate when it comes to speaking her thoughts. But ALPHAZ made her birthday one that she’ll never forget! To our Xtraordinary Girls very own energy source: Love you MAYA!!!

    • What's with the Martin name?

    • @@clarens4803 harvey gave her this nickname

    • ​@@clarens4803I think it was Harvey who gave her that nickname. It stuck😂🐺🧬👽

    • @@scootdog1329Yeah it was Harvey I forget which video it was where they talked about it. I know it’s on the ALPHAZ app somewhere.

    • @@clarens4803 It comes from adding Japanese honorifics at the end of their names like "tan", "chan", "san". Maya-tan shortened becomes Ma-tan = sounds like Martin.

  • 終わるかと思ったら一生同じこと喋り続けて一生終わらないマヤのスピーチ好き笑笑

  • マーティン18歳のお誕生日おめでとう。 XGは皆良い子ばかりで、サイモンさんは歌やダンスの才能のみならず、内面も相当重視してこの奇跡の7人を世界に送り出したと思っています。

  • I can’t believe I’m in actually in this video for 2 whole seconds 😭 thank you Maya for your beautiful words! It was truly an honor to sing Happy Birthday to you in person!

    • That has to be a special and wonderful feeling! Alphaz!🐺🧬👽

    • Me too, during the XG chant in the beginning, I was in surfbay 2nd row from barricade!!

  • There's something about Maya that I will never ever forget till today. I only knew XG this year in June but I manage to catch up everything before they release TGIF MV. I don't know if y'all remember a scene where Maya, Chisa and Juria got kick out from Xgalaxy Project. And Maya knew she couldn't just give up about it and she training together with Chisa and Juria at some random basement and make me heartbreak and she ask Simon san if she, Chisa and Juria could sit and watch the others member dance performance since they got kicked out. I had never seen such brave girl like Maya and till today she prove that she is could do anything. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU MAYA ! YOU DESERVE IT ! Happy Belated Birthday Maya. XG will always love you ❤

    • Yes 🙌🏽 Maya was so determined to become the Best she could be as a future member. I love every Documentary Series “Xtra Xtra” and ❤ Simon’s excellent decision making and expert guidance. 🙆🏻‍♀️❤️‍🔥🐺

    • @@530MAIDU can you imagine that she just only 18 yrs old and already break records. And she have really long way to go. I'm glad Simon san give them a second chance to join the project. I don't think XG will be strong, without Maya. She is a keyholder to XG.

  • Martin is a hard working champ. ALPHAZ singing happy birthday to her is something she will never forget. What a beautiful way to celebrate her birthday. XG with their birthday letters so precious always makes me tear up 😭 So proud of our cheery spokesperson🤍

    • Hii, can u tell me why do they call her Martin?

    • @user-ik1qj8ni4o I don't remember if XG has explained why they say it. All I know is that it started with Harvey-chan saying it way back in "XG - Tippy Toes Dance Performance - Behind The Scenes" at the 1:25 mark of the video. Not just Harvey-chan used it, but all the other members in early ALPHAZ they mentioned Maya-chan as AKA Martin. It's just a cute nickname. In english まーてぃん or Mateen/Matein translates to Martin. Some people also call her まーちん or Machin, which is basically Martin with a different spelling. So they probably modified tan (baby version of chan) into tin, which has no meaning. But what do I know. I say whatever ハーヴィーたん or Harvey-tan says💜

    • @@user-ik1qj8ni4o Ma-tan also sounds similar to Martin so Ma-tin/Mateen/Matein = Martin.

  • Maya speaking and mixing English and Japanese so normally ❤I guess this is part of XG lovely and impact when they decided to become a global group HBD maya ❤🎉

  • HITCの配信見てた時、ハッピーバースデーの歌が聞こえてきて本当に感動したの今でも覚えてる🥺

  • どんなに忙しいスケジュールでも誕生日のお祝いと手紙は欠かさないんだよね XGのそういうところが好きなの…

  • ひなちゃんのすっぴんでタオル巻いたお顔むぎゅは一般人がやったら人に見せられないレベルになると思う😂

  • With love from Kazakhstan ❤ I'm 67 years old and I love this girl so much😊

  • グローバルガールズグループのXGとして、マーティンはSpecialな存在🥰 Extra Extraでbabyちゃんだったマーティンがこんなに素敵で綺麗なperfectなレディになって感無量だよ😭💕

  • Glad to say I was part of the singing happy birthday at HITC LA

  • なんて良い子なの😭💕


  • マヤちゃん🥺祝ってくれたALPHAZのためにこんな真摯に感謝の意を話してくれて🥺そしてLAの ALPHAZやここにコメントしてる世界中のALPHAZ...最高だよみんな👍✨

  • ヒナタ褒められると変顔したくなるの安定しててかわいい!

  • みんな仲良いなあ

  • Maya deserves it all and more!! We love you 🐺🐺

  • 2:28ひなた可愛い😂🩷🩷🩷

  • マヤちゃんお誕生日🎂おめでとう🎉 見てるこっちまで笑顔になるね😊

  • マヤちゃん おめでと🥳これからもそのキラキラした瞳で歩んで行ってほしいです


    • Bro is fast as lightning ⚡️

  • マヤちゃん優しくて誠実で大好きだよ これからもずっと幸せでいてね

  • Happy Birthday Maya!

  • They’re all such lovely people

  • マヤちゃんほんと生き生きしてて元気出る

  • 千年前も千年先もスーパーギャルであろうMAYAちゃん最高🎉おめでとう!

  • 大好きだよ〜❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • お誕生日おめでとう🎉🎂 いつもMayaちゃんの笑顔に救われています。英語でのしっかりしたスピーチも、Behindで見せるはしゃいだ素顔もRapしてるMayaちゃんのカリスマオーラも美味しそうに顔を左右にフリフリしながら幸せそうに食べる姿も全て大大大好きです❤️ 18歳の1年間もMayaちゃんにとって最幸な年にしてくださいね💐✨

  • "OMG" and "You know" are Maya's favorite words 😂❤

  • Maya happy birthday❤❤❤🎉

  • Happy birthday Maya. You look beautiful always and also you are a top-class rapper but always be happy😊 I will always be your fan.

  • Maya is my dream girl frfr

  • What a beautiful soul Maya is. I'm so happy these girls are blossoming and their careers taking off. They deserve all our support and love because they're so kind and talented.

  • MAYAちゃんなんて素敵な18歳なの!遅くなりましたがおめでとうございます!いつも自然体で素直で可愛いなあとも思うし、カッコイイお姉さんだし、しっかりしてるし、憧れる♥️

  • おめでとう。これからも体に気をつけて頑張ってね。

  • Feliz cumpleaños MAYA, te amamos con todo nuestro corazón ❤️🐺

  • 誕生日おめでとう🎉🎉❤

  • MAYA NUNCA DECEPCIONA!!! Quién apoyará Maya para siempre???

  • MAYAちゃんの誕生日Vlog待ってたよ〜😘❤️ 本当に利発で眩しいぐらいに明るくて、熱い愛情❤で周りを包み込む素敵な女性!!! 喜びと感謝を自分の言葉でALPHAZにも伝えてくれて、本当にありがとう! そして、もう一度お誕生日おめでとうMartin❤llove you MAYA🔥🐺🔥

  • Happy birthday Maya

  • Maya is the best Rapper 💙💙💙

  • Happy Birthday MAYA🎂

  • MAYAちゃんはいつも動画でもブログでもALPHAZへの愛を伝えてくれるから本当に本当にハッピーな気持ちになるよ❤まーてぃん大好き❤

  • マーティンの笑顔は世界を救う! そして何より私を救う! 今日もありがとうXG💙💙💙


  • THE OG ALPHAZ DID WELL!!! Maya deserves all the love, she has now and has been for a period of time my bias....

  • happy birthday my sweetie girll

  • Maya, you are truly amazing

  • Happy birthday Maya, we love you so much.

  • Maya my bias 🥰

  • MAYA BDAY!!! Thank you group of OG - Alphaz that cheering so loudddd

  • maya❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • またまたステキなコンテンツありがとうございます🎉そしてMAYAちゃん、ホントにおめでとう🎂MAYAちゃん、もう充分すぎるほどの感動をずっと頂き続けてるよ、ありがとう😆ところでちょっとHINATAちゃん、キラッキラのタマゴかヒヨコかみたいなそのカワイイ顔アップはダメだって、今回の主役はMAYAちゃんですよ笑。姉たちは油断ならん😁

  • Bruh they so damn cute, their vibes are so refreshing . I shed a tear every birthday.

  • I love you maya 😊

  • XG❤

  • いきなり😮ひなたパパのどすっぴん美しさにサプライズされましたが😅 マヤちゃん🎉18歳おめでとう 英語でXGちゃんたちやサイモンさんチームの様々な音楽コンセプト表現を答えている姿、とても18歳とは思えず😮 1番アメリカンアーティストとして成長しているのではないかと感じます。なのに🥹フェンへのメッセージとかこんなにも自然体で。彼女たちは苦労や大変なこともあるだろうに、それをエネルギーに変えて表に出るのはいつも明るい自然体で健やかな姿。裏でサイモンさんたちがXGちゃんをしっかりサポートしているのが理解できます🙏感謝

  • I didn't realize she was only 18... So much confidence

  • Maya is such a sweetheart and deserves the best birthday, which she did get, thanks to her sisters and ALPHAZ 🎂 Not surprised that she spent half of this video expressing her gratitude, because she's always been so appreciative of everyone who supports her and XG. Much love to you, Martin, and here's to many more unforgettable birthdays to come ❣

  • みんなサプライズうますぎる😂

  • Maya you and XG are growing up so fast. It has been a pleasure to see you perform and with a smile. This is a new chapter in your life and we will be there to support you and the girls.❤ ✌️ and happiness

  • MAYA愛してる!

  • You deserve all the love ❤️


  • Maya ❤

  • ぁあ、まーてぃん生まれてきてくれてありがとう。 これからもずっと大好き。。。🥰

  • maya愛してる❤

  • 大好きだよ!マヤ❤ お誕生日おめでとう!


  • Happy birthday maya🎉



  • I feel like we could never love Maya as much as Cocona loves her, they're so sweet luv them so much

  • We love YOU Maya! You’re energy and smile is contagious and inspiring 🫶🏼🥹

  • MY GIRLS…💙

  • HBD Maya! 🔥✨🌹🌹🌹✨🔥

  • Best girl Maya 💚🌹💙

  • まーてぃん誕生日おめでとう❤️ 私の永遠のチアリーダー📣🎉

  • まやお誕生日おめでとう💚 いつも素敵な笑顔をありがとう、まやを見ているとハッピーな気持ちになれるよ!これからも健康に気をつけてXGとしての活躍を楽しみにしているね😘

  • i love you Maya

  • Happy birthday our dear maya 🎉❤

  • joyeux anniversaire Maya ! 🎂🤍

  • マヤちゃん笑ったらお口がミッキーみたいな形なるの可愛すぎ🥲💕(伝わって)

  • マヤちゃん本当に最高!マヤちゃんがXGにいてくれて本当に良かった!!もちろん誰が欠けてもダメなんだけど!いつもマヤちゃんのポジティブでエネルギッシュでいてくれてみんながハッピーです!! 本当におめでとうございます!

  • Maya we love you🥰

  • MAYAちゃん本当におめでとう♡だし、みんなの絆が本当に素敵♡だし、タオルキャップの飾らないHINATAちゃん本当に可愛い♡し!MAYAちゃん♡素敵なメッセージありがとう♡おめでとう!

  • 「ありがとうごじゃいます」から笑って!かわいい!

  • 本当に笑顔がとても似合う、明るくて繊細でかわいい素敵な子だなと改めて思った🥲🩷 皆が素敵な存在なのは大前提で、マヤがXGというグループを ずっと明るく照らしてくれるんじゃないかって感じる! 18歳おめでとう、マーティン💐

  • マヤちゃんの弾けるような笑顔が大好き! これからもいっぱい笑って幸せに過ごしてね🎉🎂

  • Love you, Maya

  • Maya so cute 🥺 U always so happy so cheerful Hope I can have friends like you❤️


  • HBD MAYAちゃん🎂✨ 元気いっぱいで素敵な笑顔のMAYAちゃんが大好きです! We love you 💓

  • I can’t believe Maya just turned to 18 years old.. She is so mature, talented, smart and beautiful! When I was 18, I was chasing girls and was playing play station.😢

  • Maya so pretty HBD Martin 🩵

  • Happy Birthday to our dearest MAYA! We hope you have an amazing day. It's always a charm turning 18... Alphaz are proud of all of your achievements. Sending you love 💫

  • Maya❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Maya is so sweet 😭❤️