XG DAYS #18 (Disney California Adventure Park)

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2023.11.26 Sun
Venue: PIA Arena MM, Japan

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  • I love the way that fans recognized them but also didn't want to intrude so they just said a quick hello. ❤ I hope we can all be this considerate of the girls' time.

    • @@mellotone713 Hinata called them Alphaz at the end as they were leaving the park. ❤ Everyone reacts differently to meeting their favorite idols. I certainly wouldn't have the guts to call out and say hi to any of them but I would definitely be fangirling the entire time and listen to their music on the way home. 💞

    • @@xclnyall the fan did was say hi 😂 this is such a dramatic overreaction

    • @@xclny well if I saw XG in public I would scream, no matter how hard I would control myself 😭😭😭

    • its not that deep... relax. they just said hi... literally nothing cringe about that LMAOOOOOOOO so weird @@xclny

    • hi! my friends and i were the alphaz at the end, we were in shock when we recognized them. XG actually said hi to us first, they're so sweet!!! one of our friends went up to their manager to ask politely for a pic in Japanese, but they said no sadly. that's totally ok since we got to see the girls literally feet away from us

  • omg my friends and i were the alphaz group at 12:55. i was mad crying and can confirm that they're super ADORABLE in person. they kept looking back at us and giving us hearts, XG casually passing us is def a core memory I'll keep forever. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, XG!!!

  • no, coz when normal people wear them headbands, they're souvenirs, but when XG wears them, it's a fashion statement. lmao

  • このときたまたま遭遇してジュリンちゃんとお話しできてジュリアちゃんに手を振ってもらえたことは一生の思い出です

    • انت تعلم اني غيور جدا وحسود

  • Hinata really came out of her shell, imo. Usually, she is so reserved. I loved seeing her like this.

    • Same🥹

    • thats why I always wanted for her to hold the camera or even see up top "hinata cam" cause she shines like hidden 💎💎


    • I kept saying "AwwW" as I was watching. Poor girl.

  • まじでXGって可愛い角度でキメ顔して常に可愛く映ってたいとかいう意思を全く感じなくてバイブスが最高すぎる😂💚 カリフォルニアディズニー羨ましいーー

  • Juria is so adorably dorky. Hinata was absolutely gorgeous the whole video

  • ヒナタが天才的にかわいい😅

  • カリフォルニアディズニーで ALPHAZに声かけられるって めっちゃ有名な証じゃん!!

  • 永遠支持XG🙋🥰

  • XG DAYS見てるとありえんくらい幸せな気持ちになるんだよな めっちゃニコニコしながら見てしまう

  • 「カワイイ♥️」を連発するあたりやっぱり日本の女の子(笑) 幸せな時間を過ごせて良かった。Alphazとしてはそこも重要なんだよね😊💕︎

  • 11:18 「あの顔して!」って言われて即スティッチになれるJURIAちゃん日頃からやり慣れてる感満載で好き🫶

  • ディズニープリンセスにも負けない可愛さ

  • 外歩くHINATAがずっと眩しそうで笑顔がイカつくなっててめっちゃ可愛かった😂🫶

  • Hinata’s smile and laugh can heal the universe ✨

  • 容赦のないフルスピード発車のジェットコースターにジュリア乗ってるん爆笑wwww

  • Other kpop groups always give you the feeling they act somehow at certain times. Not XG. They never act, that's really what's different about them

    • It feels like som groups are being totally controlled. Unlike XGALX, they let them be. You know what I mean

  • アトラクション怖すぎて放心状態だったのに可愛いスティッチ手に入れてご機嫌になるジュリア最高に可愛い抱きしめたい

  • 普段おとなしいイメージのHINATAがテンション上がってるの見ると、よくわからないけど幸せな気分になる😂

  • Jurin thinking about Harvey is so sweet. Juria on rides is just like me. Also can I get a whole video of Hinata she’s so cute, plus her laugh & smile is literally everything to me.

  • あ〜〜可愛いがすぎる〜〜!! Juria 絶叫苦手なのに、あんなにぐるぐる なのに乗ったんだね〜がんばったね〜😂

  • It’s so cute how Jurin thought of Harvey ❤

  • 放心状態のジュリア💛 かわいいな。

  • Juria after the rides looks so done with everything... 😂😂😂

  • カルフォルニアのディズニーで認知されてるって本当にすごい!!! みんな楽しそうでよかった😆✨

  • ディズニーで幸せいっぱい、楽しむ4人の笑顔はファンにとって宝物!! そして、世界各地のステージで夢や感動与え続ける7人に、 笑顔と癒しのオアシス提供する奇跡のスケジューリング!! 神運営さんの愛とスキル、素敵すぎる✨

  • みんな忙しいスケジュールの合間にこんな素敵な時間があって、良かったね。 あちこちで、声かけられるって聞いてたけど、ALPHAZに会った瞬間が見れてなんだか幸せ~💕

  • いやみんなビジュやばすぎ可愛い😭😭😭

  • 絶叫マシーン乗るたびに泣きそうなジュリアちゃん、スティッチのマネするジュリアちゃんが可愛いすぎた。 ジュリン姐さん、ハーヴィーちゃんに特別に優しいよね。こういう所がすごく可愛らしい。 ヒナタちゃん、ミッキーと写真撮るシーン可愛いかった😍 チサオンニ、おもしろ語録また増えましたね。「ペロ」。

  • aespaカリナにジェットコースター待ちと食事の時に2回も会ったんだよね、こんなに広いのに!カチューシャがホントに似合いすぎて可愛いなあ

  • ひーちゃん口にソース付いて可愛さ増すのやば❤

  • ふぁ〜みんな楽しそうで可愛くて最高です😇❤ JURIAの呆然とした姿が可哀想だけど可愛すぎた😂

  • ディズニーではしゃぐJURIN様美しすぎるな

  • Jurin, Hinata, & Chisa are all incredibly beautiful. But my favorite will always be Juria! She’s just so sweet and adorable!

  • This is just so wholesome and overwhelmingly adorable. I hope they can enjoy everytime they are in a foreign place - even after performing, like this one in LA. Juria is the sweetest, kindest kid sister there is, we all know that she's scared of heights (even riding the lift during Shooting Star MV shoot she freaked out) but seeing her Unnies enjoying -- she conquered her fear for their sake. What a champ. Jurin remembering Amy's love for stuff toys was so cute too. Love these girls so much. Also kudos to the ALPHAZ fandom for having the nicest, kindest and considerate fans. #XG #XGALX #ALPHAZ

  • 魂抜けてるじゅりあちゃんめっちゃ面白いー🤣 全員、全瞬間かわいくてすごい🥹🥹

  • This was such enjoyable wholesome content! Jurin thinking of Amy had me saying the loudest awwwwww! I felt so much for Juria our little risu she wanted to be with everyone and went through a difficult time on those rides. I’m just glad she had fun in the end. Wishing our Xtraordinary Girls more incredible memories together. I LOVE XG!

  • 幸せ空間すぎる…🥰 ジュリアちゃん頑張ったね🤭勇気100点満点だよ!!めっちゃスティッチだったよ!!可愛い😂 ひなたちゃんとミッキーの写真貰えませんかね…?

  • Hinata's laugh is just so adorable!

  • スティッチの顔真似するじゅりあちゃん愛おしすぎる…🙈💗

  • Thank you, XGALX, for treating XG well since debut days! You guys deserve all the holiday breaks after pumping out 4 Music videos, tours and multiple TV performances this year! 💖💖 Thank you for your hard work! ✨✨

  • JURINちゃんのAMYさん呼び好き😂🤍🤍

  • みんな可愛いすぎるな、、、 特にRIAHINAの可愛さが爆発してた🧸💎🐿️ CHIJUのお姉さん感も最高🦋☀️ JURIAのBlogに綴っていた事が見れて楽しかった☺️ 遭遇したALPHAZいいなぁ

  • みんながめちゃくちゃ楽しそうで可愛くてほんとーーーに癒された🥲🩷🩷 怖がりじゅりあ保護したい、、、🩷

  • ジュリンちゃんつけてるの耳がNew Danceマルチバース版を見た後だとより似合って見える、なんか宇宙人ぽくて👽

  • Bruh Hinata's laugh is so adorable


  • XGちゃんがいるディズニーとか夢の国というか天国だわ✨

  • JURINちゃん お洋服も耳も似合いすぎだよ😂❤

  • AHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! HINATA was giving me cuteness overload, especially her pictures with Mickey!! JURIA made me feel so sad that she was scared but she was so thoughtful of being with others and what they wanted and made sure to make memories with everyone. Speaking of thoughtful JURIN, was thinking of getting a Chewbacca for Amy-san 🥰 And CHISA always livens the group up with her humor, it’s never a dull moment with her! I’m glad also that fellow ALPHAZ 🐺 even though they were starstruck, let the girls live their lives. Only going so far as to recognize them and wave at them! For me though I most likely would have asked for a picture, at the least! We love you XG!

  • 本当に可愛すぎて涙がでてくる。 ありがとうみんなを楽しい場所に連れて行ってくれて思い出思い出してくれて 幸せの日〜🎶

  • ディズニー好きとしては、XGのみんながディズニーにいたってだけでこの上ない幸せ😊 今日はいい夢見れそう・・・

  • Juria is so cute !!! ❤❤

  • I love these girls so much! They're so bright, cheerful and funny! ALPHAZ 🐺 love you! 😍❤️🫶🫰

  • Disney is the dream place for meeting XG 😂I’m glad those ALPHAZ could meet them lucky them😊

  • Juria at 10:43 having ptsd from the ride was the FUNNIEST thing to me 😂

  • They look extra adorable in those headbands 🥺💓

  • JURINのドレスが可愛すぎて みんなカチューシャ似合ってた〜

  • みんなかわいい😭 忙しい合間にちゃんとオフの時間を楽しめたみたいでこちらも幸せ🥰❤❤


  • 感性が豊かで素敵な魅力にあふれている🧡 自然体で可愛い〜💖

  • 心底楽しいのが画面いっぱいに現れてる❤❤❤

  • 叶うならジュリアとディズニー行って手握って守ってあげたい。💛 何でも喜んでくれそう😂

  • みんな可愛い~🥹❤

  • jurinさんがちゃんと何か食べたのかが気になりました〜 Disney teamも楽しめた様で良かった!

  • 毎度スマホの黒い画面に自分のニヤニヤ顔が映ると焦る😹😂いつも幸せありがとう❤

  • XGみんな私服がオシャレ〜

  • Love them!!! So glad they had fun at Disney!!!

  • ジュリアのスティッチ可愛過ぎだし、めっちゃ似てるー😂🐺🐿🧸

  • I love Hinatas personality. I'm glad she's feeling more comfortable letting it show. With the ears on she was so cute. Poor Juria 🐿️. She's so scared of everything. ☺️ I'm glad she didn't let the fear keep her from being with the other girls. I love seeing the girls having a good time. They work so hard. 🐺👽☄️🛸

  • ディズニー組待ってました‼️

  • ディズニー組も楽しそう〜🎢✨ 途中XGと出会えたALPHAZがめっちゃ羨ましいィィィって感じで!!😆❤️ いっぱい頑張って、いっぱい楽しんで皆が幸せならALPHAZとして幸せだぁぁぁ🔥🐺🔥

  • 2:00ここのJULIAの笑いかた可愛すぎるw

  • ジュリアちゃん、本気のスティッチ顔してもかわいいってどゆこと!?

  • My cheeks hurt because I was just smiling the whole time. XG days are my favorite! I can watch them everyday. P.S. I'm sorry Juria for laughing at your discomfort, you are just so adorable.

  • むちゃくちゃ可愛い♡♡

  • 10:20 Poor Juria; traumatized. 😨😂😂😂💖💖

  • When Hinata started singing Litttle Mermaid my heart skipped and i stood up from my bed. 😂

  • XG不足だったので···嬉しい❤

  • 唯一支持❤XG愛死Hinata😂❤

  • 最高 ディズニーもまってた!!

  • XGはONとOFFのギャップが本当にいいよ!! ステージではゴリゴリのアーティストだけど プライベートは同世代と同じ可愛い普通の女の子なんだよね🥰 アメリカ満喫出来た様で本当に良かったね🎵

  • ひなたがカワイすぎる😍💘

  • 5:21 myyy godd juria reaction was si cute and genuine 😭🫶

  • みんな可愛すぎて無理😍🔥

  • 平和だなぁ…😂😂😂

  • i love seeing XG enjoy themselves, it gives me serotonin 🥺🫶🏽

  • Poor risu and also cute...10:43 ❤😅

  • 可愛すぎてニヤニヤ通り越して涙出てきた ニヤニヤしながら泣いててやばい状況になってる

  • The alphaz who saw them were so luckyyy

    • i knowww, i would be torn between freaking out and asking for a picture or trying to contain my excitement and politely say “hiii xg and alphaz fighting!”

  • Why was I smiling and laughing throughout the whole video? Lol. They are so wholesome and just so sweet. I love Juria’s 🦭clap so much and her “Stitch” face ❤. Love their choices for the headbands. I felt bad for Juria a bit because of the rides. But she braved it and had so much fun. Chisa is always a vibe, she never fails. Jurin always looks good with whatever she wears and always outgoing, I love her personality so much. Hinata was so adorable with Mickey Mouse, I love her nose scrunch lol. She’s also very beautiful. I’m so happy Alphaz saw them and said hi. These girls are so adorable, real and sweet

  • 10:43 放心じゅりあ🐿

  • みんな仲良くていいね🥰🥰🥰

  • Kwaii kwaii kwaii ,eu ficava repetindo várias vezes enquanto assistia 😍 As meninas são tão preciosas e umas fofas, como eu amo vocês ❤


  • their smiles at the end are so lovely

  • 8:08 みてじゅりあにpart of your world歌って欲しくなった〜

  • Universal Studios and Disneyland with XG… so fun! ALPHAZ!!!