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2023.12.08 FRI
Official Music Video
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  • this looks like it will be an emotional ballad, i’m not ready 😪❤️

    • Aww my girl Maya in the profile ☺️🥹

    • OUR BIAS 😩❤@@Sora22501

    • Haha ur right..😂

    • When does this release

    • @@hiragill8838 they haven't given a date yet

  • The fact that XG's parents are part of this MV teaser casting makes it even more emotional 🥺 Thank you for continuously believing in, and supporting your children 😭❤❤ Thank you for trusting Simon and XGALX! 😭❤❤

    • Thank you parents for all the support you have given your precious daughters and letting them share their talent with the Worldc❤😂

  • With XG you can cry, you can laugh, you can dance, you can feel, you can fall in love.

  • 今月突然父が倒れ、その翌日には帰らぬ人となりました。 このTeaserを通してもう会えない父の姿が思い浮かび、年甲斐もなく大泣きしてしまいました。 立ち直るにはまだまだ時間はかかりますが、WINTER WITHOUT YOUは生涯忘れる事のない曲の一つになるでしょう。 ありがとうXG

    • ああ、そんなことになって本当にごめんなさい!! あなたとあなたのご家族にお悔やみを申し上げます。WINTER WITHOUT YOUのフルソングがこのティーザーよりもさらに美しく、より良い回復に役立つことを願っています❤️❤️❤ (追記 意味が分からなかったらごめんなさい、私は日本語がわからないので、この返信のすべてを翻訳する必要がありました)

    • 皆様とご家族の皆様に心よりお悔やみ申し上げます。今年は生命の年です私も日本人ではないので、めちゃくちゃにせず、正しく書いたことを願っています。

  • 冗談じゃなくこのティザー見るたんびに泣いてる

  • XG はもはや単なる並外れた歌手のグループではなく、それは感情であり、生き方です。

  • They can do their best in a foreign country because they have families who always support them. ありがとうXG

  • Jurin looked like she was gonna have the biggest outpour of emotions. I can only imagine the immense pressure she must feel being the very first leader of this new X-pop phenomenon that the whole world will come to know and love! 👽 🦋 ♾️

  • OMG ! Another MV ?! I wasn't expecting this !!!! We don't deserve XG, seriously... Who release 7 freaking MVs in only 1 year ??!! Who ? Only XG does this 💎💎❤❤❤

  • The MV is gonna make me cry, isn't it? 😭 It's just a teaser, but seeing our girls reacting to their parents' transmissions is already making me emotional and it's a reminder of how much time they've spent away from home (especially when the pandemic was at its peak)😢 I love you to the stars and back, XG❣🌠

  • この29秒で涙腺崩壊した😢😢😢 若くして親元を離れ、いつも勇気をくれる音楽を届けてくれてありがとう…!

  • Al fin nos van a dar una canción para llorar, solo eso les hacía falta para tener un setlist de concierto perfecto

    • Jajajaja es que es cierto! De tanto mover el cuerpo y saltar en alguno de sus conciertos(si es que llego a presenciar) en algún momento estaría bueno llorar por una balada ❤ Que grupaso XG!!! Les banco todo!!!

  • Who will always support XG forever raise their hand ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

  • they can do anything, they're breaking the idol stereotypes 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

    • Yes from body size, to clothing style, to singing and dancing with their amazing charisma and confidence. XG is the new generation of stars in a new galaxy. Cant wait for this new song ^^

  • no sé ustedes pero a mi se me salio una lagrima con el teaser 😭

  • いつも人一倍明るいマヤちゃんが静かに涙してるのがもうね…想像を超える大変なこと皆で乗り越えてきたのだろうな 圧巻のパフォーマンスで忘れがちだけどマンネ組まだ10代なんだよね本当に凄いよ 新曲楽しみです

  • I lost my dad last year, and seeing the name of the song, and knowing that this song will be emotional 😭 . I don’t think I’ll be able to hold my tears, once XG new song comes out😭. I feel like this is going to be one of my favorites as well. Thank you girls

    • Same, I lost my dad in 2021 so I feel like this song and mv is gonna hit home for me 😭💔

    • @@ThatGurlJadynn hope your dad is resting in peace. I bet he was an amazing dad

  • MORE SONGS? what did we do to deserve this?

  • omg....aint no other kpop idol treating their fans so well like XG....we love you forever

  • did anyone else expect to cry this early in the morning because i did not. it Iooked like they were talking to their parents and they were so surprised! We just watched the showcase and now we are getting a ballad?!? XG is the future!!!!!!! ❤❤🐺🐺

  • SHOWCASE最高だったし、まだ余韻に浸ってる中、この映像は何⁉️ サプライズ過ぎるし、もう訳分からないくらいXG好き❤


    • Necesitamos 😭🇵🇪 ojala vengan dios

    • y siii amiguee AAAA *w*@@leonardoarmas7203

  • 今日Showcase行ってきて最高すぎてワールドツアーの発表まであって、最後のX-GENEまで騒ぎ尽くして全然消化しきれてないのに、このタイミングで新曲発表!?!?しかもウィンターバラードの予感?どんだけファンを喜ばせてくれるの?XGは😭✨✨大好きすぎる❤️

    • hi, thank you so much for supporting the girls, they are the best,you being there, representing the fans who can't go is very important, ありがとう ❤❤❤❤❤

    • ⁠​⁠​⁠@@choiester​​⁠​⁠会場にいたファンのパワーも来られなかったファンの想いもXGに届いていたと思います!ワールドツアーで沢山のALPHAZにXGの音楽を届けたいと言っていったのであなたの国にXGが行くことをどうか待っていてください❤XGは本当に最高のグループです✨Thank you🫶

  • Never been any happier and prouder to be a fan of an extraordinary girl group named XG. It’s kinda scary that my love for them grows rapidly from the very beginning until now. I love you too much ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • え?!え?!サプライズ多すぎだし、みんなのご両親の声がしてる?!季節ごとにテーマソング出してくるのえぐいって

  • Song not even out yet and here I’m singing “This ain’t winter without you.” 🤍

  • I’m so ready for a Christmassy winter ballad from them! No one’s doing what they’re doing right now, mark my words… this is gonna get bigger than Black Pink

    • Yes 👍🏽🙆🏻‍♀️💗🐺

    • ​@@stephanieallangarman5598 Ur right, I think it's gonna be super popular but i don't think this is gonna bet bigger then blackpink

    • @@Forever_young08 i disagree, XG are doing in their first era what BLACKPINK was doing in their last… do the math

    • @@jaimecoburn xg is not doing "first era" they have been a group for almost 2 year. While when blackpink was 2 years old , they were releasing "ddu du ddu du" which hit 36.2 miilion in literally 1 day, while xg' s current comeback song that has been released for 3 months hasn't reached 20 million yet.

    • @@Forever_young08 I’m aware we are in XG second era… I was saying if you look at what black pink was doing dance wise, talent wise in their first era in comparison to XG’s first era… regardless of numbers XG’s talents speak for themselves. I’m just stating XG is young and I think they will be bigger based on the talent alone. Also XG actually put effort into their tour performance lol

  • my mom died last month and this feels so relatable

    • Sending love to you and your family

  • 大事な大事な可愛い我が子を送り出してくれた親御さん達、遠くに行く事も多くてとても心配だろうなと思う ALPHAZとして7人を全力で応援して愛し続ける🐺🫶

  • the girls talking with their family, crying already 😢


  • I'm here for Alphaz to entertain! We're here to support XG forever

  • Are you kidding me right now…they just continue to improve and surprise me with everything they’ve posted. Congratulations 🎉 XG…I’m so proud and excited that you got to perform live in JAPAN 🇯🇵. Each member looks Perfectly Stunning. . I’m excited 🙆🏻‍♀️❤️🎼 Once Again!!

  • WHY IS THE WORLD SLEEPING ON THESE AMAZING TALENTED YOUNG WOMEN!! It doesn’t make sense to me but i am so so very excited!🤗💖

  • Every song by XG is a work of art

  • XG will again slay with their new MV❤❤ I will support XG forever!! Will you do too?? If yes, raise your ✋

  • 運営さんもXGちゃんもほんとに期待を裏切らない。いつもありがとう。

  • The instrumental is so beautiful! Plus JURIA’S voice and vocals! 😭❤️

  • Se nos viene otra joyita?🤌🏻🥰

  • I will admit that i have never seen any label let families be part of artist's career or journey like the way XGALX did before, and it's amazing. To have your important one be part of not only behind the scenes but also in front of as well will make them stronger definitely for mentality. XG never walks alone, they have their team, their families, and their Alphaz always support them along the way. I'm so so so so so proud to support this group and hope XGALX and Simon continue to protect them and give their best to taking care of them the way they did now forever.

  • XG breaking their ritual by not releasing the MV within two days of their teaser. We want the exact date for this emotional ride🥺

  • XG mv where a box of tissue is required 😢😊

  • I swear I will always support XG with the rest of my life ✋❤ XG forever🧬🐺👽♥️

    • Me too ❤

    • Even when you're 80 years old??

    • @@stijnhs I'm 25 years old and will always continue to support XG

    • @@Ari_Kun_ALPHAZ yeah so you think that even in 55 years time you'll remember them?

    • @@stijnhs Yes, there are no other groups at the head besides XG


  • The surprises never stop when it comes to XG. This day has been XTRAORDINARY👑

  • Who wants XG World Tour in MEXICO here 👇🏻

  • ニューシングルありがとうございます!!!😭😭😭 このティザームービーと「あなたのいない冬」というタイトル見て、宇宙で輝くXGの皆さんとそれを遠くからずっと応援している彼女たちの御家族のことを想像して涙が溢れました。 どのような曲なのかまだわかりませんが、MVを心待ちにしています!!!

  • Raise your hand whoever is Alphaz 🤚

  • Can’t wait to see their full reactions from their families’ video calls. I’m tearing up already

  • xg is so hardworking we love them

  • A CHRISTMAS SONG??? ✨ they must be so moved to hear from their families. 🥺

  • 29秒のTeaserで視聴者を泣かせるグループ他にいる?

  • its the first time they are separated a video and they all look sad, emotional and some are crying... this will definitely be an emotional one... reminds me of when you lose communication with friends because of graduating, work, life, etc


  • Боже наши девочки выпустят новый сингл омг как всегда прекрасны

  • XG é perfeito demais e nunca decepciona

  • I teared up the sec I realised they're getting calls from their families

  • このティザーだけで泣いちゃう

  • Who wants to support XG forever raise your hands ✋

  • XG is so multifaceted! Their range is out of this world. I would pay a hefty sum to see these girls kill it live


  • すでに泣く😭XG毎回裏切らないの最高!

  • People be underestimating jakops as a songwriter/producer. Dude has plenty of bangers already before xg was even envisioned.

    • if you have a ceo producer and a lot of talented people behind the scenes working hard like as the xg itselft you will be great 🙏🤘

  • ティザーだけで号泣案件 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 昼ショケ参戦しました!! 興奮が抑えられず喉枯らして叫んでました😂 感動が止まりません、最高でした😭💞 しかも、XGENEのパフォーマンスビデオの放出と、ワールドツアー発表と、、、心臓がいくつあっても足りません😭 こんなにもアルファズを喜ばせてくれるXGチームの皆さん、本当に愛しています😭🩶 これからも応援しています📣

  • 這是在跟我開玩笑嘛!!!我胃口被你們養的變好大!!!❤❤❤

  • When does this release?


  • 冬季神曲预定 好听到皮都展开了🔥😭🎉

  • Wow this group just never ceases to amaze me. They will completely change the industry. Daddy Simon is really cooking something up with these amazingly talented girls. I can't believe how much they have accomplished with their unique ass concept in just about a year I've never seen anything like it.

  • The Vocals 😮❤❤

  • I can’t i can’t 😭 only the teaser 30 seconds it’s already a tears jerker😭😭😭 how can i survive the whole mv if it’s ballad

  • I come here to ask why the MV is private? I can’t watch the mv 😢

  • XG is spoiling us again. They just finished their showcase, released an MV for HESONO O and X-gene. Now a new MV teaser. Gawd I love XG so much

  • siento que hinata va a brillar mas que nunca en este mv

  • XG has been the highlight of 2023! Can't wait to see what's in store for 2024! Looking forward to the World Tour!

  • متى تنزل الاغنيه ؟؟؟


  • Merinding

  • Trust me, XG is going to be very big someday...

    • I've been saying this too, they will be the BTS of girl groups

  • I was looking for a Japanese girl group and then i found xg , my life has changed from that day 😌

    • you won’t regret xg!! also try listening to atarashii gakko & babymetal! 💗

    • @@coco.bean27 ok I'll try, thank you 😊

  • Im ready for crying all night 🙏🌇

  • this year will be my first christmas/winter without my mum....this one is gonna hit a little too hard i think 🥲 just that small teaser of their vocals at the end has me sobbing ngl

  • what is the tentative date for this release?

    • They haven't given us a date yet 😅but I'm just thinking 🤔 maybe between mid 11-20 😅 I don't know that's just what I feel like

    • or maybe 25? at christmas

    • december 8 is the release

    • why not 4? it is my bornday

  • How many times do I have to say how fulfilling it is to be an ALPHAZ. All at once we are receiving such amazing gifts from our Xtraordinary Girls! Love you XG! If this is a song about missing family during the holidays I’m going to absolutely lose it. I’m not ready!

    • XG is a truly special group of young artists. And their enjoyment of all 'this' seems genuine. And sometimes they seem to surprise themselves while performing. Just magical to watch it unfold while they entertain us.

    • I also keep saying that! Everything they put out there is top tier !!! they make me so proud to be an ALPHAZ! we're sooo lucky and spoiled with all these surprises they keep dropping!!! me,i have a feeling if its not about not being with fam on the holidays ...then it's gonna be about us alphaz haha

    • That's what I was thinking too hoildays missing their family's.

  • These girls have worked so hard these past few months. They deserve everything!😊

  • まだまだこれからのXGなのに本当に毎度完璧なクオリティの楽曲、MV、パフォーマンスを更新し続けてくれててさすがすぎる。この先もどう生まれ変わっていくのか、成長していくのか楽しみすぎる🫶🏻

  • Te amo mucho XG, gracias por trabajar tan duro. Gracias a la empresa por entrenar y darle la oportunidad a estas chicas tan talentosas. Definitivamente te seguiré y te apoyaré en cada proyecto

  • oh noooo, this reminds me of when they had their video conference with their parents during their trainee days TT________TT this is definitely gonna be an emotional BOP

  • Their concept is so good, I got goosebumps ❤ XG let's go

  • WHAT???? this is XG’s year idc they’re feeding us so well

  • OG ALPHAZのNATEさんのリアクションを是非見て欲しい。映画インターステラーの名シーンを回想させると仰っていて、まさしくそうだなと。 子供の成長が著しい時期に親元を離れて6年以上。お互いに大きな時間差が生じるぐらい全てを捧げてる彼女とその家族😢😢😢自分とも重なって29秒のTeaserでこんなに号泣したのは初めてかも😭

    • Crazy almost identical in the xg training period 😭

  • Eu levanto as mão para essas meninas sempre vou apoiar 🇧🇷✋🤚✋🤚🙌🙏

  • 私より遥かに年下でピュアな子達であることをこの数秒の動画で再確認したくらい、世界が似合う変幻自在なアーティストにもうなってる。

  • This reminds me that so many kids (eg. Young athletes or performers training in China or wherever) and parent immigrant workers who can only physically see each other less than a handful of times in a year. So sad. I hope to see what other messages XG will bring to the world.

  • My immediate thought after seeing this? This is the start of XG's journey to Earth and their families are giving them goodbye messages before they enter hibernation.

  • I'm already crying fam, we got HESONOO & X-GENE performance, World Tour announcement and now an absolute surprise in what's going to be such an emotional winter ballad, i can't wait! Tears at the ready.

  • I just can't....😭that teaser already made me shed tears. It's sooo heartwearming. This is the second time I cried on an artist since BoA's Meri Kuri live where fans sang along with her in her Japan concert which made her cry. I believe this happens in XG's Japan showcase as well. And this is a perfect gift this Christmas! 🎁🎄

  • why am I crying, it's just a teaser 😭😭😭

  • こんなん泣くが!? HINATAちゃんのとこまで我慢できてたのに次のMAYAちゃんのうるうるでもうこっちが限界だった🥲✨ XGいつも感動をありがとうございます!ご家族の方も本当に本当にありがとうございます!! Teaserでボロ泣き状態なんですけど…フルきたら涙腺大丈夫そ?

    • These girls have worked so hard these past few months. They deserve everything!😊

    • @@ethanchasejackson I think that's really true!

  • Not them using the sound clips from the documentary. Their parents deserve a song dedicated to them. I can’t wait to cry happy tears 🥹