XTRA XG #21 (Head In The Clouds Los Angeles 2023)

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XTRA XG #1-#21
1st Mini Album
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‘PUPPET SHOW’ Music Video
• XG - PUPPET SHOW (Offi...
'NEW DNA' Special Website
XG's First Solo Audience Live Showcase
2023.11.26 Sun
Venue: PIA Arena MM, Japan

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  • girl just seeing a group of passionate, strong, talented, charismatic women create art is making me tear up like a baby lol its so nice to be able to see what goes on behind the scenes

    • Period.

    • I'm glad you like XG Edward

    • i cry every time i watch their behind the scenes

    • We know it’s real when Edward has good things to say 😮😅

    • Eddieeee ❤

  • please continue to promote XG in the United States. We need US charts.

    • They are not promoting in the U.S. 😂 wishful thinking. XG worldwide Tour concert will be lit next year. Probably another mini album before coming to the U.S.

    • @@HipHopLucky7 They keep promoting them in Korea though Korea people don't like them. I don't get it

    • @@cleverjames3715 i think they're obligated because the agency is based in korea. i wouldn't be surprised if their contracts states that they have to promote more in sk. It would be logical to put all their efforts in the western market since it looks like their fanbase is primarily there

    • @@cleverjames3715 I heard that they use Korean shows to help promote them more internationally due to kpop’s international popularity right now. ^^ Not sure how true this is though!

    • @@RasendoriXProductionthis lol. Kpop is huge in the US. Going on those Korean shows helps

  • やっぱMAYAちゃんって賢いんだな。実質通訳者の役割になった時は当事者意識のあるコメントをし、謙虚な訳をしている。他のメンバーが英語出来ない訳じゃないけれど、彼女の流ちょうな英語力のおかげでXGの活動の幅がかなり広がってると思う。

    • 本当にそう思います。

    • 本当にその通りだと思います。海外在住ですが、英語ができる、ということと、的確な通訳が瞬時にできる、という能力は実は違うので。マヤの気遣いや人柄が随所に見られます〜🥹

    • マヤちゃんの人間性は明るく、明確でわかりやすい。嘘を言わない、率直で伝わりやすい。相手に話しをする上でとても大切なことを彼女は理解している。リスペクトします🫡

    • ​​@@user-mp8mq2dh7x(I hope ID-tv's autotranslate works for my comment). I'm a native English speaker and I'm genuinely so impressed they can all speak bits of Korean and English with their native Japanese. I can only speak English fluently. We as English speakers should really work on a second language and we shouldn't make people of other cultures speak English to be accepted in our media and industry. Interpreters and second languages should be more common within English speaking countries. But yep Maya is so impressive.

  • I honestly feel privileged to be able to watch this much of the behind the scenes of their journey. It’s incredible to see how each and everyone involved in this entire team is passionate, the girls, Simon, Sienna, the lab dancers and the fans. I’m so happy to be an Alphaz and I can’t wait to see them in person one day. Let’s continue to be there for XG ❤

    • Exactly! Idk if it thanks to their promotional team, but I do see the passion of the team behind XG. I don't see this a lot in other idols. Or maybe they just don't show it to the public...

    • @@chihayaayase1299the more popular groups didn’t need to work extra hard because they have built-in fans from giant agencies with famous seniors. that’s the difference - these girls work like they need to prove something every single day. that burning passion can be felt, it’s almost tangible.

  • This is so heartwarming. 😢 thank you the lab especially Sienna for being the third parent of these girls. For guiding them and supporting them too. I can see how the girls love you all and we appreciate you guys as a fan. I only wish for you all a great success. ❤❤❤

    • That’s actually very true. She was there since the beginning

    • Who’s the second parent??😮

    • @@myothethnin1224 well the first parents are the girls parents of course. Second is Simon and the team. Then Sienna

    • Congrats to XG's parents (birth parents, Simon, & Sienna) - your babies are so fly.

  • XG crying when Simon surprised them is like when a child starts crying when they see the parent they thought couldn't make it to their recital show up and surprise them, very sweet.

  • The fact that a lot of people went to HITC LA this year just to see XG is amazing. Simon really is a father to these girls, and the relationship all eight of them have is really strong.

  • Sienna and The Lab thank you so much for your support 🥺❤❤

    • Ya ❤

    • Thank you to AVEX Company, Producer: Simon, Project Manager: Yudai Hasegawa, Creative Content Director: Masahiko Komatsuzaki, choreographer director: Sienna Lalau. ❤💕💕

  • SiennaさんがXGを大切に思ってくれてるのが嬉しかった。XGが誰からも愛されるアーティストになっていくのが良く分かった。それにしてもメンバーの情熱がすごくて圧倒された。これからも応援していきます。そう思わせてくれるグループですXGは!

  • SiennaさんをはじめとするTHE LABはただのバックダンサーじゃなくて、一緒にステージを作り上げるクルーなんだってのがよくわかる。 お互い愛とリスペクトを持って接してるのが本当に素敵。 Siennaさんは実際歳も近いこともあってか、同年代のお姉さんって感じで初めてのLAでのXGちゃんを支えてくれてもいて、なんかもうその関係性だけで涙出てくるしご飯おかわりできますわ...

  • Knowing about XG is definitely one big piece that completes my 30+ God damn years of soul searching and finding meaning in my life. And I would love to be a part of this journey even in small things like this and giving my appreciation for making me feel complete.

  • I’m SO glad the girls seem to be surrounded by good people when they’re here in the US 🩵 I wish the cameras caught when the crowd sang happy birthday to Maya! That genuinely made me tear up 🥹 I hope there’s some more LA vlogs to come! 🫶🏻

    • I agree with you while crying 😀.

    • They may be saving that footage for Maya's birthday video


  • ステージ上ではあんなにエネルギッシュでカッコいいXGの子達が、ステージ降りてSimonさんを見つけた瞬間、一瞬にして子供に戻ったような表情になるの凄いよね  SimonさんはPDというより本当に父親に見えてくる

  • なんか随分昔のことのように感じる.. すごいなあXGちゃんは最高だぜ泣いてまうて こんなサングラス似合うこ達いないよ ってことでこれからも全力応援全力オタ活していきますみんなこれからもよろしく〜ずっと仲良しでいてね💕︎

    • ダンサーさんたちかっこよいなあ😎✨シエナさんありがとうございます🥹英語頑張ろうっと

  • I have one word for this: Heartfelt! 💯 XG, Simon, Sienna and the Lab, ALPHAZ and everyone that keeps supporting and contributing. I dropped a tear 💧 ♾💟🤍

  • Maya being such an important member for communications too. I'm glad she persevered and debuted.

  • To think that this is only the beginning. I can’t help but be incredibly proud of our Xtraordinary Girls and how far they’ve come. And they’re only going to grow from here. Seeing them work with Sienna one of their inspirations for the first time in person gave me chills. Since 2020, wow what a beautiful full circle moment! I truly hope Sienna and XG continue to work together throughout the years. You can’t help but cheer on XG through their success! It’s so fulfilling supporting them, seeing them grow, and watching them have a blast! So grateful to be an ALPHAZ! 🐺♾️🧬

  • Sienna's support to XG is priceless....and Simon is the best producer.

  • 一开始Simon爸爸不在身边陪着女孩们彩排,大家都很想念他,演出完一看到Simon大家都很开心,激动得哭了,他们八个人的感情真的很感人😭😭

  • ALPHASが始まる前にXGを呼ぶ声で、涙が止まらなくなっちゃった、、すごいよ!!!Let's go xg!!!🐺🔥❤❤❤

  • 😭も~SiennaさんのLIVE前の言葉が心に刺さりまくりで泣いたわーーーーーーーー!! 本当に現地のALPHAZの盛り上げも素晴らしくて、XGの力になったんだな〜って改めて感謝❤です! Sienna and the Labの最強のサポートと、XGのHAPPYオーラで眩しいステージでした✨

    • Love XG, but special shout-out to Sienna. She’s a true professional!

    • ​@@topbackpodcast2615You're right! Sienna is a professional and gorgeous dancer ✨ I'm happy for Sienna's love for XG ❤️🐺❤️

  • Sienna is true class, I am glad that XG gets to work with her. GAME recognize GAME, REAL recognize REAL. Proud ALPHAZ❤🐺

  • 一般人とかスタッフ全員に毎回全部ちゃんとモザイク入れてる。。。凄い大変な作業。。。小松崎さんはじめ、映像スタッフの皆様、いつも最高な編集ありがとう!!!!😊

  • When Simon showed up and they all just burst into tears 😭😭😭 the close bond they all share with him is so heartwarming

  • 凄くない? NYで出会って、LAにも会い来てくれる人がいるほど一度見たら虜にしちゃうXGちゃんさすがです

  • 歳はほとんど変わらないけど、歳下のXGの頑張りが仕事頑張るための後押しになるほど、パワーをいっぱい貰える😊😭🥹

  • I discovered XG completely by chance this summer. I was traveling in Japan last July and I started listening to KPOP and JPOP there but without coming across a song by XG. Back in Paris, I start listening to a Kpop playlist on ID-tvMusic and suddenly, I come across Left Right. Shock! I immediately fell in love with this piece. I then listened to all their singles and also watched all of Simon's creation videos of the group. Being able to follow their difficult journey since their training when they were only 14/15 years old for the youngest, makes us feel very close to them. Their will and determination are impressive! Their shows are becoming more and more sophisticated. I became an Alphaz member and XG's music brings me a lot of joy. It's impossible not to listen to them every day now! They are going to conquer the world!

  • なんで俺が泣いてんだろ…… 俺も受験頑張ります、ありがとうXG


  • They deserve all the love they receive. They give so much gratitude to the people around them. I started tearing up😢❤️🐺❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥👽💫♾️

  • I'm so proud of our girls and extremely happy they have an amazing circle of colleagues and crew around them. They deserve the world. Loved the Simon surprise. Beautiful relationship to see

  • XGちゃんたちもサイモンもダンサーさんたちも、お互いに愛し合ってて本当に見てて微笑ましいし、こんなに愛しくて応援したくなるグループ今までにないよ〜大好き〜❤

  • i love this group for many many reasons but omg they are so respectful and know when to give credit when due, they are seriously such a sweet bunch, the way they cried when they saw simon goes to show just how close they are w their ceo and theyve def come a long way, im gonna keep supporting XG alwayss!! XG FIGHTING!!!

  • ดีมากกกกกกกกกกก น้ำตาไหล ซึ้งอะ มันแบบผูกพันธ์กันมานาน ทัชใจสุดๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ รอ XG ที่ไทยอยู่นะคะ มาสร้างประวัติศาสตร์ที่ไทยด่วน😭💕✨

  • I was crying and laughed after they saw Simon and cried then complained for always making this so called ‘surprise visit’ 😂😂😂 what a cute father daughter thingy

  • Simon is such a nice guy, incredible person. I'm crying this entire vídeo. I love you XG. I'm a Alphaz from Brazil. Fighting

    • 🙋🏻‍♀️❤️‍🔥🐺👍🏽

  • サイモンさんに駆け寄るガールズたちの姿で完全に涙腺が崩壊した

  • Siennaさん達だけでなく、YOASOBIさんとのビハインドも載せてくれるの神✨

  • これから先もこの子たちの輝かしい軌跡を見る事が出来るなんて ALPHAZ は本当に幸せだよ🐺✨✨

  • It was absolutely AMAZING to witness this live 🐺🙌🏼 Take me back 🥹❤️

    • What it feels like to be God’s favorite 😢 Wish I was there

  • This is one of the best Xtra XG yet. They are so wholesome. Love they had Sienna and The Lab bts stuff. The hard work they put in especially since the beginning with XG. Sienna really believe on them. And look at where they are now. That stage and crowd at HITC LA is just the beginning. Look at TGC, Kcon LA and Singapore a few weeks ago. It started at small venues in Korea and Japan. But after HITC NY, it just got bigger and better. I’m just glad to see them do their first performance in the US in NYC. That was insane. They all did this in a span of a few months. The year is not even over yet. So many contents, mini album released, many live performances, many interviews and now they are hitting all the charts. Sienna’s speech before their performance was so beautiful and encouraging to keep going and doing their best. Both Sienna and the girls being so grateful for working together. And making their dreams come true. Their performance was so full of energy and I’ve noticed Maya looked parched. Juria had to catch her breath after her big part on Left Right. I’m sure they had a drink break before Shooting Star. And I’m glad the mic issue with Jurin was fixed during that time too. Showcasing the Alphaz was a great highlight showing the diversity. That was so cool. Then Simon surprising them at the end. I knew he will never miss this. He’s such a proud big brother or dad lol. Seeing his girls doing what they love. Chisa, Cocona, Harvey, Juria and especially Maya crying shows the love and respect they have for him. I know for sure Jurin and Hinata is fighting hard not to cry. Hinata fan girling over Yoasobi was so cute and adorable. Seeing her on IG dancing and vibing was the cherry on top. I’ll forever support them. And I cannot wait for the next adventure/chapter. Let’s give them a rest, they’ve done so much this year alone and like I’ve said before, it’s not over yet. I know that we are going to go through a withdrawal syndrome lol. But there are still giving us XTRA XG and days since there are more birthdays to go. And we still got KCON and/or Singapore to look forward to lol. HUGE thank you for the team that’s always killing it behind the scenes, without those guys. Alphaz will never get fed lol. Ok, I need to shut up now. Sorry for the long rant, I’m just so proud of XG, Simon and the team. This has never been done before and I’m here for all of it

    • 素晴らしい愛情に満ちた文章をありがとうございます。

    • Wow, you said it all that's on my mind as well. 👏

    • That was a beautiful sentiment that I think all the aphaz can endorse! It's so joyful to watch the evolution of XG. They just make me happy🫡🐺🧬👽♾️

    • @@scootdog1329 thank you. It was 5 or 6 am and my brain just went on a rant

    • This is sooooo pure! Surely, this resonates well to every Alphaz that support and love XG wholeheartedly.🤍

  • シエナさんをはじめチームラボのみなさんがXGを温かく歓迎して下さり良い雰囲気の中で打ち合わせなど取り組めた事に感謝したいです。だからあんなに素敵なステージを披露できたんですもんね✨そして応援しに行ってくれたALPHAZも本当にありがとう😢 サイモンパパのサプライズ登場場面ではつられ泣きしたよ… XGはこんなに純粋で素敵な子達の集まりなんだとこれからも世界中のみんなにもっともっと届きますように✨

  • みんなのダンスも歌も運営陣の力の入れ具合も全て本当にリスペクト級なんだけど もう何よりも人間力が素晴らしい…!!! 応援したいと素直に思えるアイドルに出会えて嬉しいよ〜〜ありがとうXG😢❤️‍🔥

  • 帽子がハートなの気付かなかった 発想天才すぎる 衣装とかMVとかこういう細かいこだわりが本当XG大好きだなって思う

  • 観てる間中、私もLAに行けました😆✈️ そして、観てる間中ずっと泣いてました😭💕 世界中のALPHAZ🐺とスタッフさんと、Siennaさん達の愛が感じられて最高でした‼️

  • Simon always doing the most I swear! , I love how throughout the lead up to the performance and up until they see Simon at the end of it - u could tell him not being there felt like something was missing , even the girls kinda felt it u can tell. Then once they see Simon u can just see the emotion and impact his presence has. Finally the tears came out. Just shows how much they respect and have love for him. So sweet and incredible… these girls deserve the world… I love organic growth and humbleness. They killed it and will continue to shine more and more!

  • 大家忍到見到Simon爸爸才哭,ALPHAZ從她們與The Lab見面、Sienna上台前的信心喊話、現場ALPHAZ幫MAYA慶生、下台後Simon驚喜現身、XG哭成一團等等,已經哭好幾回啦~😭😂

    • Great to see more Japanese artists coming out..

  • My eyes were filled with tears from 14:18 until the end…😭 Thank you Sienna, The Lab, and all the love from Alphaz. This is the best episode so far!

  • 14:20 Thank you Sienna for telling my girls exactly what I would love to say to them too! ❤

  • 感動した。大げさだと思われるかもしれないけど、XG見てると地球レベル感じる。愛と喜びに満ち溢れていて、リスペクトにも満ちてて、これが世界の平和だよ、これが世界の喜びだよって言ってるような。そんなこと一言も言ってないけど弱い人も恵まれない人も救うパワーがある気がする。XGの影響力で世界を良い方向に導けたら素敵。

  • I love how all the local backup dancers made them feel so welcomed. It's beautiful to see the support that they are getting in the U.S. shows. It's important to be gracious hosts to outsiders visiting it promotes a wholesome, genuine human spirit with love when we welcome guests into our country and hearts.❤

  • XGって、内側からのエネルギーが凄いのよ 冗談抜きで発光して見える

  • Thank you very much, Sienna-san and The Lab for being so endearing to our girls. That was an amazing performance. And thank you LA, I'm so proud hearing the loud cheers for the girls. XG slays!

  • 6:17 Harvey’s english is getting so good!! The girls deserve all the love and support 🥲❤️

  • I LOVE watching the behind the scenes videos. They let us see all the effort everyone puts into the performance. This was so wholesome. I loved every second of it. Come to Mexico please 🇲🇽 love you very much 🐺🤍🤍🤍🤍🫶🏻

  • The way they start to cry when they see SIMON. This shows THEY NEEDED HIM from the beginning!!! Like a child needs own father. THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!

  • Their relationships with Simon are so cute. I never saw a CEO like this

  • 14:08 Chisa’s humor y’all and Maya’s face expressions 🤣

    • Chisa is such a vibe

    • @@MarkCalica I need her as a friend she’s hilarious! 😭

    • @@marilynlee6079 same lol

  • proud of XG, thank you to everyone who has been involved with XG, XG forever 🐺♾️🧬❤

  • The happy aura emitted by XG creates great encounters. What a cute girls to find Simon and burst into tears. We will continue to support them.

  • 公演前のシエナさんの言葉、ALPHAZの歓声、サイモンさんなどエモーショナルな瞬間が詰まってて涙腺ゆるゆるに…。XGちゃん最高。

  • XGが壮大な計画であり、構成する全てが正のエネルギーで満ちてるからこんなにも惹かれるのかと分かる動画だった。

  • All XG members are so precious and friendly. They deserve the world

  • 15:41 The way Juria said this my heart might explode! She’s always thinking of ALPHAZ! I love you too Juria! 😭❤️‍🔥

  • もうサイコーに極上なエピソードとステージが詰まりに詰まったコンテンツ✨ありがとう😆 YOASOBIさんまで登場とは‼︎ 全てが素晴らしいし、XGちゃんたちの全てのステージがレジェンドステージ💫

  • Why am I crying.. This is so heartwarming.. Our gils are just so sweet and a treasure to everyone they meet. Love You XG!!

  • Holy moly, proud mama over here. I’m in my thirties and don’t have kids yet, but I the pride that surges through me when I watch anything XG makes me a puddle of happiness.

  • ただのオタクだけど、推したちがこんなに愛されててNYに続きLA編も泣いた


  • ジュリンちゃん、体調が万全じゃないなかリーダーとしてみんなを引っ張っていくのは大変だったと思います。みんながフォローしあっている場面も見られて改めてステキなグループだと思いました。 ジュリンちゃんのマスク姿がキレイすぎてビックリ❤

  • If it wasn’t for Sienna (and I think Bailey) first posting something on IG Pre-debut (before Tippy Toes) I wouldn’t have known about XG! This is such a beautiful, full circle moment! And I can’t believe how absolutely humble and gracious everyone is! I am very proud to be an OGXG, ‘pre’Alpha 😉 🐺

  • One thing XG will do is show their gratitude. Also the last part where they are enjoying the show is so cool

  • XGを見て、まるで自分も夢が叶えた気分です。感動しました。my girls!

  • XG! They rocked that stage!

  • なんて素敵な動画なんでしょう。泣けてきました。本当最高すぎる!

  • サイモンさんの父感半端ない😂🩷本当XGは表も裏も大好き🥲🩷

  • 14:20 ここのSIENNAさんの言葉まじで泣いた。😭😭🩷 XGちゃんの絶え間ない努力を昔から知ってるんだもんね、なんて心強くて素敵な方なんだ😭😭😭😭

  • 普段は普通のカワイイ日本の女の子達なのに、ステージだとかっこいいXGちゃんのギャップが大好き💖

  • 22:55 they're so happy to meet Mr. Simon-san after their performance and our babies were crying here that it feels like a happy tears. We can really feel and see that they are very grateful to have each other🥹💕 I'm so proud of you all that i cried with you too...I love you all so much and looking forward for more performances to come🙏♾️🐺

  • サイモンお父さんが「最初から観てたよ!」って登場したときの安心感で自分まで泣いた…!!!

  • 2:29 Maya's friendliness is such a rare sight to see in the 'idol world'. She's so precious!😭❤

  • 1:35 this little "omgosh I'm glad to meet you" from Juria is so kawaii ❤🥺.

  • めっちゃ泣いた😭😭😭 LAでみんなが楽しくパフォーマンスが出来てたようで、まずそれがとっても嬉しい🥹 大好きなプロデューサーと憧れのダンサーと大切で素敵なALPHAZに囲まれて支えられて、幸せそうで本当に何よりだよ😢 これからもたくさん輝いていこうね💫


  • サイモンさんの登場に泣いちゃったみんなを見てわたしも泣いた

  • siennaさんの話を聞いていたジュリンさんのキラキラしていて純粋な笑顔を見て涙が出ました 明日もどうぞ健康に楽しく過ごしてください XGさんいつも本当にありがとうございます!!。

  • 16:15 CHILLS! I’m still waiting for my turn to experience these XG fan chants, sing alongs, and to see them perform live!

    • I'm seeing them live on the 20th so excited to experience it!

    • ⁠@@LUCI-zu8tg Have fun! I need them to do a world tour and come back to California! 🥲

  • I’m sooo proud and honored to be part of the Alphaz. I appreciate all the hard work, and for always giving us amazing songs and performances. I love y’all!!😭😭❤️‍🔥✨

  • 그리고 K팝에서 활동하면서 이렇게 빨리 미국진출하는것도 거의 없어. 진짜 빨리 성공하고있다.

  • So she is the one who designs her killer choreos? She deserves a lot of praise!

  • 27:20 them dancing to IDOL is so cute. You can really see that Hina-chan is such a fangirl over YOASOBI

  • シエンナさんの言葉やダンスチームの愛に泣いちゃう

  • XGほんとかっこいいよ…ほんとほんと…

  • There is no group out there that is more hungry and always striving to be the best. XG is like all my favorite girl groups rolled into one BUT EVEN BETTER. They give their all and it’s so refreshing to see a group of performers like this

  • 27:41 Hinata fan girling over 'idol' and 'Yoasobi' is the cutest thing in the world 🩵🩵🩵 and the edit of her slapping the emoji away is so funny also lol 😂😂😂

  • ステージが終わるのが悲しい!ってすごいな こんな大きな舞台を本当に楽しんでる

  • サイモンさん不在のなかのあのSiennaさんの言葉はとても心強かっただろうな😭愛が溢れていた。。

  • 20歳前後の女の子7人がアメリカの舞台でここまでやるってビビる!!普通なら頭真っ白になる子がいてもおかしくない!!! サイモンさんが登場した時ワイも泣いた笑笑 サイモンさんはアメリカ、韓国、日本、ともにゆかりがあるのに日本の子達を選んでくれて感謝😭

  • サイモンさんみて安心したのかな😂❤もう本当にお父さんみたいな存在なんだよねきっと😊❤