XTRA XG #22 (KCON LA 2023)

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XTRA XG #1-#22
1st Mini Album
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‘PUPPET SHOW’ Music Video
• XG - PUPPET SHOW (Offi...
'NEW DNA' Special Website
XG's First Solo Audience Live Showcase
2023.11.26 Sun
Venue: PIA Arena MM, Japan

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  • Mannn having Maya in the group really does help them a ton with how much she’s speaking on behalf of them as a whole. She’s doing an amazing job. So proud of her and my XG girliessss

    • Love the Maya appreciation is well deserved ✨🥰

    • @@rftg1793 she’s my bias so I always try to give her as much praise as possible

    • @@Softinsomniac same!! I love her sm ✨ since Mascara her charisma captivated me 🥰 she’s such an ace! 🤩

    • @@rftg1793 when they first came out with tippy toes I knew she’d be my bias, an ace for sure

    • Maya is lowkey the co leader of the group

  • In my 20+ years of living, I have never been a big fan of any group but it’s something about XG that keeps me captivated. They seem so genuine and they came a long way together

    • I can second that except add another +20 yrs for me lol

    • Major GGs (Girlgroups) or BGs (Boygroups) never really seem to have caught me attention. Some of their songs are on my playlist, but I don’t watch or listen to them daily. Something about XG is just different for me, maybe because they sing and rap in English, but something about them just completely captivates me to watch and listen to them. All their songs, tapes, and moves are just amazing. Im very proud they have grown to over 2 million subscribers. I remember when they only had 400k.

    • Song is one thing; their songs are just, superb. Another thing is I feel like they had trained with just each other for sooo fuking long that they somehow just become a BFF and make everything feel very natural. Probably its happen when you had followed kpop deep enough and then, boom, that "Japanese style/feel/culture group" kicked in.

    • hahahah i keep seeing older generations liking XG (im 26) and i feel so happy of how much appreciation they're getting

  • この人ら歌とダンスが好きなんやな 押し付けられた価値観のアイドルじゃなくて、それを戦いの場に選んだ精鋭たちや。

  • やっぱりCHISAの歌唱力凄いなw

    • Chisaさんの歌にはHeartというかSoulというか、聞いていて納得してしまうような魅力がありますよね!

  • 2:30 Chisa’s voice Oh LAWD 😱 we want that song covered by chisa in the next VOX TAPE #6 😅🙏🏼🛸👽🐺

    • Yes please Simon, hear our plea 😭

    • Please Simon san!!!

    • Chisa went from Chidona to Chiyoncé 😂 😂😂 But yass, it is one of my fav song! If Love on Top is the mainstream, Countdown is the underdog in the '4' album.

    • Her voice is unreal 🤩 whether raw or studio mixed. Her voice is so powerful.

    • What song? Lemme know the title😭

  • パフォーマーの人達ってステージの前は体を休めて静かにされているのかと思っていたんですが、XGちゃんたちは歌いまくり踊りまくりで驚きました!本当に歌うこと踊ることが大好きなんだとダイレクトに伝わってくる、すごく良いバックステージ動画でした。

  • Sienna couldn’t have said it any better. XG truly is uniquely talented and everyone at xgalx, Simon, the lab, the dancers, the editors, everyone has truly created something special with XG. They are a gift. Love you girls!!

    • Seeing Sienna doing New Dance with the girls. Her movement, power and technique is mind blowing. That Sienna has been with XG as a choreographer from the beginning is incredible!

    • Also, what makes them special is they're very organic. They're definitely a "Once in a Century" musical group

    • Thank you to AVeX trainees, Simon and Sienna.. 💗💗💗

  • 4人が盛り上がってる時にハヴィ、ヒナ、ココがマイペースで座ってニコニコリラックスしてるのいいね😊

    • Introverts loving watching their extroverts friends✨🥰

    • わかる、わかる😂いいバランスというかそれぞれの空気感が好き❤

    • MBTI診断で4人と3人ははっきり分かれそうな感じですねw

  • We are really the lucky ones to witness XG during our lifetime

    • I've said several times in comments, but as they express their artistry and talents, it truly is like watching superheroes learn to fly for the first time.

  • 楽屋で踊り狂ってるのギャルすぎて好きw

  • マヤちゃんは英語がネイティブなだけでなく本当に頭がいいんだなと感心する。

  • Chisa is mesmerizing!!!!! XG NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!!!!!

  • バックステージでチサが「3才です」のあと、マイクが入ってるって言われて「ヤバい」ってなったのが、ジュリン・マヤ・ココナの関東勢で、ハイタッチで喜んでたのが大阪姉妹

  • 2:33 now we want Chisa's cover of this songggg

  • サムネで飛んできました! いつも繋がってるからHESONOO😭 動画公開してくれたXG様感謝です ひかるぺん、なぜかXG様コンテンツに満たされてます笑 XGALX最高!

  • I never would've expected to interact so much with XG on Day 3! From Chisa's Muscle Mother flex into her receiving her Chisa dollars then following into the special fan meeting with the girls up front. It felt surreal and you can see how much fun the girls were having meeting all the fans that came to see them!!

  • 3:11 Hinata, Cocona and Harvey being the Introverts is really obvious here 😂

    • This is me in a party :) hahaha

    • @@ayuzawamisaki1875 😂

    • They have craziest sisters ever especially Chisa 😂😂😂

    • This scene made me love the 3 of them even more! I-WOLVES let's gooooo!!!!! 🐺💎🍄🦄☺️ A part of me feels this might have also been a decision by childhood friends Harvey & Jurin to create a better and more inclusive team dynamic by having each of them support the members matching their personalities, with Jurin bonding with the E-Wolves who didn't make the first cut. Pretty smart and cool if you consider it.

    • Lol Was about to comment that😂😂

  • Kudos to Sienna Lalau, everything she said, FACTS! Thank you for helping and inspiring the girls. You and The Lab are amazing! Your choreography… top tier, too! Brava!


  • 7人全員が音楽が大好きなのが伝わる。HIKARUも。歌唄ってふざけたり、ダンスして気持ちい~って遊んだり、本当に楽しそうで嬉しい☺️

    • Is Hikaru still gonna join or no? I remember seeing another comment saying she was gonna join, but that was some few months ago.

  • シエナさんのお言葉でまた涙が。。。XGは実力だけでなく、ガールズ個々の人間力や魅力や謙虚なとこや、ほかのアーティストへのリスペクトとか。。。XG全てが良さで溢れているのよ。 Alphazはこんな素晴らしいグループを推せる事に誇りに思っています。 私の人生をワクワク、ドキドキさせてくれて本当にありがとう💗

  • Love seeing idols love what they do to the absolute fullest all while showing professionalism and gratitude along with excitement and pure passion.

  • As a forever English as second language learner, I know how frustrating it could feel when you are so thankful to someone yet not able to tell them that in own words, so I'm so glad XG had Maya❤ She really is playing a big role in a group, not just as a perfet rapper/singer/dancer but also as a great communicator! But I'm sure soon all the members will be able to speak English really fluently!

    • truly!!! It's so frustrating to express your gratefulness to someone when there's a language barrier! Fortunately, 'time' is here to break down those barriers, and hopefully, XG will be able to express everything with their heart, and with their own right words in time 🥺❤❤

  • アイドルとはまた違うよね。本当に一人一人アーティストとして素晴らしすぎる。

  • シエンナさんもおっしゃっていましたが、XGはパフォーマンスにおけるクォリティーの高さはもちろん『人間性の高さ』が大きな魅力だと感じています。 大袈裟ではなくXGを応援する人が増えれば増えるほど世界はよくなると思っています。

  • Yo I swear, Chisa is such a vibe ☀️🥰🤣. I have to say though, XG are so appreciative of the people that helped them along the way. Having Sienna and The Lab since the beginning of their journey shows their love and appreciation towards her and her crew. I felt what Juria felt, I was about to tear up too lol. Then they released the New Dance multiverse version with them. Sienna is basically the big sister/3rd parent of XG. It’s so wonderful. I have feeling she also did the choreo with them for I Am The Best. That breakdown was so badass. Their live performance is a must, trust me. Seeing them at HITC NY was an amazing experience and something I will forever remember. XG fighting!!!

  • 這集太精采 笑點哭點都有 是怎樣讓人又哭又笑!XG出來負責哦!!!!

  • Seeing Simon and Sienna watch XG’s performance at 9:48 felt like proud parents watching their child perform on stage for the very first time🥹

  • 2:34 😍😍😍 the harmonies ✨ so beautiful 😳Chisa is serving! Wait! They performing my favorite songs! 😭😭 Love them sm!! Thank you for this!! 💗 Edit: I was so moved by their relationship with Sienna 😭 hoping for more collabs ✨🙌🏼

  • Having Sienna speak so highly of XG really says a lot about the girls. I love these interactions!

  • こんなに大好きになったグループはじめて!!!きっとメンバーみんなのバランスが最高に心地いいから。彼女たちにパワーもらってます。

  • WHO AGREES ABOUT CHISA HAVING THE BEST AEGYO 😭🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Everyone is working so hard. I hope we can see XG in Europe soon, too ❤ Please come to Finland 🇫🇮 and Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Sienna is so mother, so charismatic omg. She is giving me the mature woman energy and I am so surprised to find out that she's only 2 years older than Jurin!

  • 韓国の音楽番組に出演しまくってNYやLA、シンガポールに次はシドニーでSXSWでヘッドライナー。こんな活躍を見ると、とても約1年半前ぐらいに無名でデビューしたとは本当に思えない!!日本人の誇りです。

  • XG 앞으론 한국예능이나 TV에도 많이 나왔으면 좋겠어요 딸도 저도 너무 좋아해요 😊 ❤해요

  • この衣装レースクィーンみたいで好き過ぎる みんなのスタイリングが個性と最適化されてるのも推しポイント

    • この衣装本当に良いですよね~!

  • まだまだ世界的に超有名!ではないけれど、XGはシエナさんを始め、沢山のクリエイティブな人に才能を認められ、愛され、尊敬され、守られてる。 大丈夫、きっともっともっと上に行ける!!!!!!

  • シエナさんの言葉にポロポロ泣いた、こうやってしっかり見つめてくれる人たちがいてありがたいね、この素敵な人たちにファンとして何かできることないかな、報いたいな、っておもっちゃうよね💪

  • 色々感動して泣きそうになったけど、最後のチサの「生まれたよ」でめっちゃ吹いた。 さすが! しかし、シエナさんほんまにええ人やなぁ。

  • I really understand why Simon said that if Maya wasn't one of the youngest, she'd be a leader as well. She's so well-articulated, not just because she can speak English, but also with how she expresses herself and for always speaking on behalf of the team so well. Everyone is just so amazing; the members, The Lab esp. Sienna who always supported the girls and never misses to give them beautiful words, Simon and XGALX as a whole. XG will only rise with such great people around them. I hope they continue this energy and will always remain humble. UGH I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

  • Siennaさん達やヒカルちゃん、サイモンさんスタッフさん、現地ALPHAZ、お互いの愛とリスペクトで繋がる"絆" そしてメンバーの謙虚さと誠実さ、たゆまぬ努力で KCON LA2023大優勝  Congratulations🐿️🐿️✨

  • Watched all of XG content but still to this day, Chisa never ceases to amaze me. And Hikaru!! Oh my word

  • That clip of Simon-san in the crowd cheering for the girls was so cute, you can really see how proud he is of them

  • ヤバい、シエナさんのくだりで泣いてしまいました。 こんなに推せるグループはXGが初めてです。頑張ってください!大好き❤

  • 楽屋のテンションも3歳も最後のチサちゃんもなんかもう全部楽しいおもしろい😂😂😂 ほんっっとに音楽を全身全霊で楽しんでるのがめちゃわかる🥲は~だいすき🥲❤マーティン母国語英語なんじゃないかってくらい上手いしカッコイイしマーティンのおかげでXG深み増してるよね、、、!もう何が言いたいかわかんないけどXG最高!!!!!!!!

  • デビュー前は、こんなに面白くてギャップがあって笑えるグループだなんて思っても無かったぜ🐺

  • 最後のCHISAで声だして笑った🤣私たちのためにうまれてきてくれてありがとう!!XG大好き!!

  • さらっと歌うやつがうますぎる。笑

  • I really can’t express how much I love our Xtraordinary Girls. I didn’t expect to tear up during this but everything about this video had me joyfully grinning with tears because of how much fun they were having. From their time together with Hikaru, exchanging of thanks between Sienna and the lab, and them just having pure joy when seeing ALPHAZ. It truly is an Xtraordinary feeling just to watch. It’s so fulfilling to be an ALPHAZ I hope to meet them one day. Sienna’s words sums up everything I feel for XG there truly is no better duo than Sienna and XG!!!

    • Nooo like FOR REAL I CRIED CRIED TOO!!! 😭😭😭

    • @@Ori-APLHAZAll Happy Tears!!! 🥹🥹🥹

  • Finally finished watching after me rewinding too much because it’s soo good, funny, and wholeheartedly sincere. I love XG. They’re undeniably TALENTED AND SKILLED to do what they do yet, quoting Sienna, still so real and humble. That GENUINE CAMARADERIE, you can even feel it just watching them. ALPHAZ are so proud of you, XG! Thank you Simon and all the staff of XGALX for bringing these amazing girls together and into our lives.

  • I love how Chisa, Jurin, Maya and Juria are all going crazy in the dressing room and then, you’ll find Cocona, Harvey and Hinata just contented watching them. I can only imagine all of them having so much fun together doing karaoke!

    • Chisa will unleash her powerful vocal and the whole building will tremble haha

    • ⁠​⁠@@rosieposie5852I agree 100%! Want to be in the front row though and let Chisa blast it out! Hoping to watch them live one day.

  • วงคุณภาพสูง ร้อง เต้น แร็ป ได้ดีสุดๆ แนวเพลงถูกใจคนไทยแบบดิชั้นมากก เฝ้าดูพวกเขาเติบโตอย่างเต็มที่ แก๊งค์เด็กสาวสดใสวัยซน ตื้นตันแทนจริงๆ อยากดูคอนเสิร์ตของพวกเขาที่ประเทศไทยจังเลยค่าาา👽💫🤍 ALPHAZ คนนี้จะรักพวกคุณตลอดไป 💖

  • I don't think any group has been busier than them this year and they still maintain the same level of energy and performance every time they are in public. They just love what they are doing, it shows so much. Love these girls. 💖😍🥰

  • OMG! I’m not crying you’re crying!!! The mutual love and respect Sienna and her team and the girls have for each other is a beautiful thing. XG put in the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. There’s a definite bond and love for each other and you can see it in the way they work with each other, support each other, care for each other, and encourage each other. It’s real and what they produce comes across in their end product. Genuine, sincere, professional, excellent. Simon, I appreciate your vision and how you want to share the growth of these girls. XG Team, thank you for being the backbone and support of these girls. You deserve to bask in the girls’ success as well. ALPHAZ let’s continue to support these girls! Let’s get them to the top globally!!! 💖💫👽🐺🫶🏽✨

  • 前面讓我笑得超開心😆 有夠ㄎㄧㄤ 唱歌又超好聽😍 中間Sienna那邊又差點哭出來😢

  • そういうところだよ、チサちゃん。大人しくしていればいいものを。まさに美人の無駄遣い。必ず笑いを差し込んできて、人を楽しませようとするエンターテイナー。気取ってなくて大好きです。 チサちゃん歌うますぎて歌声を聞けば体の底から震えてくる感覚。その歌声で世界中の人たちを奮い起こしてください。またVOXでカバー曲聞ける日を待ってます。

  • んもーーー泣いちゃう🥺🥺シエナさんたちと思っている以上に深く繋がってるんだなーって思ったし、ほんとに心がxgちゃんみててあったかかくなる🥹🥹ちさちゃんお部屋で歌ってたの上手すぎて、、、びっくり!!!!色々言いたいけど、最後のちさちゃんでめっちゃ笑った😂😂😂

  • 2:53 チサの歌唱力ヤバ!!! わかってたけど歌うま過ぎ🥹 いつかはメロウな曲でソウルフルに大暴れしてほしい🤤

  • チサの歌声やばいなすげぇ〜と思ってたら最後の最後に安定のおもしれぇ女で締めてて最高✌️

  • XGが築いてきた色んな絆とか友情とかたくさん感じて感動🥹🥹らぶ❤️

  • People should appreciate XG's domination. They are insanely competent and sweet. Their chemistry is simply lovely, every member is unique on her own way and has this amazing artistry. I don't know why people ignore them 🙄

    • yes everglowup aka aedark, aeeecid etc thats why you use alts like nasrun, hypeboy, queen bee, powerranger etc to talk badly about them.

  • えぇ!今さっきmnetで可愛いの見せられて、今度はカッコいいって 一体なんなのさ!!

  • 本当に、XGとXGに関わる全ての人達は 毎回幸せな気持ちにさせてくれるわ❤❤❤🥺🩷 もちろん、笑いもくれるし ほんまに最高やわ😂🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • 3:11 ひなた ハーヴィー ココナ 『この人たちなんでこんなに元気なの?』

  • Guys, you're the best girl group when it comes to cover dance. Flawless

  • XG's 2ne1 "i am the best" performance was the #1 highlight of K-con (in my opinion) and they choreographed the dance in a super short period of time. That's talents right there.

  • Chisa you made my day thank you I love Chisa I love Jurin I love Juria I love Hinata I love Cocona I love Harvey I love Maya I love XG I love Simon-SAN :)

  • チヨンセも最高すぎる😂

  • チサちゃんのビヨンセのところ好き過ぎて一生進まない

  • 2:30 Chisa singing one of my fave Beyonce songs 😮 I neeeeed more. Actually them.doing any Bey song would be amazing.

  • I have tears in my eyes, this LA trip was such a amazing experience for our girls!! Sienna and The Lab were so incredibly sweet and supportive!!

  • Seeing jurin directing the practice makes us understand why she's OUR LEADER 😍 And how they alwas makes us feel their pure and genuine sweetness and energy. It makes us wanted to root for the ini every step ❤

  • 前半のSiennaさんのXG membersへのBig Love は想像を超えていました。SiennaさんはXGが世界でbigになるのを最初から知っていたのがよくわかりました。後半は、まさに私が個人的にずっと望んできたXGがworld-wide なSuperstarになってきているのを実感できて嬉しかったです。私が愛して止まないChisaさんとJuriaさんのお二人も〇阪魂全開で良かった。年末に某国営放送局の祭典でXGが見れたらいいなあと夢想しています。

  • これだからXGを応援しちゃうんです ありがとうXG

  • ひかるに、TGIFバチクソ合うわー☺️ 掛け声エモすぎて😢😢😢

  • 楽屋で全然関係ない歌とダンスしてるのがほんと可愛い😂❤

  • I saw their performance in KCON LA 2023. HAWT DAMN they were the highlight of my experience. truly memorable. amazing job XG! keep at it!

  • Amo a XG! Me encanta lo humilde que son estas chicas, lo que se respetan unas a las otras. Se protegen y se quieren mucho. Por más éxitos XG!!!

  • OMG, this one is so so good. Chisa's sing voice is like a gift from heaven to my eyes. And the moments with the lab is giving me teary eyes again. Sienna is so sweet. Also Simon san was watching the performance as an audience. He looks like a proud dad for sure. Simon is always their biggest fan from the start. And with Hikaru, oh gosh, they are so cure and pure. They said they are always connected. Oh gosh dont make me cry please 🥲

  • She's so mature to take responsibility for her absence from work. I still remember in "XG 3 meals a day", she volunteered to wash the dishes as she was sick and couldn't help much with cooking. ❤️‍🔥 8:28

  • 8:38 Cocona's grateful words for covering their seniors song "I Am the Best" with so much respect. As a Blackjack and Alphaz stan, i cried and my heart is so happy at the same time🥹♠️🐺

  • LA ALPHAZの熱気が凄い! アメリカでこんなに盛り上がってるの見てたらこっちも嬉しくなっちゃう😆🎵 音楽・ビジュアル・パフォーマンスに加え 人間性の高さで世界中の人を魅了するグループなんだな~✨

  • XG好きになって毎日ID-tv見るようになってしまった😆

  • The crowd at the showcase performance!!!🤩🤩🤩Thankyou!!! Chisa!!! 23:32 I nearly fell out of my chair!! No one will ever top that!!!

  • Oh Chisa, your voice kills me. And you being funny as hell is the cherry on top 😊

  • XG is truly the FUTURE! Their Genuine Joy • Work Ethic & Talent is always Breathtaking! ♾️🐺💃🏻 They really have a NEW DNA!!! 🧬

  • no one can top xg in the industry right now. they're of the highest tier possible

  • XG를 사랑하는 모습을 보여줍시다!!!XG 영원히 응원해주실손들어주세요✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

  • No K-Pop Company has been doing it like this! They have been consistent and transparent from the very beginning.

  • It's insane like XG is so talented and competent. Every member is very unique and has a powerful flow. Stanning XG is truly the best thing you can do

  • ちさちゃん天才的におもしろい

  • 2:29 リハーサル前でもこの元気💪

  • Chisa slaying it with the vocals 😱! The part with Hikaru is so sweet, she will always be a part of XG 🥰.

  • なんか無限を感じる ねこの7人 いや この娘っち、ほんと凄いわ画面ごしに なんか ビンビン伝わってくるね 今現在何事にも楽しんでるっていうのが XG の 200%の力を 出し切ってるように 見える。シエンナさんが あなたたちはすごいことをやっている それを自覚してほしいと それと 本当に謙虚なところが 素晴らしいって 言ってましたね 本当に仲良く元気に やってるのを見たら何も心配はないですよね そのまま頑張ってください。んんと最後決めのちさちゃんカワイイ担当いいよ。 さあ元気な みんな見たら ガーリーな パペ ショー また見たくなった。そしてロスみたいな 雰囲気のフェスにも一度は行ってみたいな。

  • 書きたいことたくさんあったけれど、最後の「🎵Alphazのために 生まれたよ♡」に全て持ってかれました。脳内Chisaちゃんでいっぱい😂😂😂

  • Sienna and the Lab crew are just the best! I'm happy XG got to work with them.

  • なんか泣けてきた。XGあまりにも純粋で可愛すぎるし、シエンナさんの話聞いて涙ぐんじゃうギャルズ抱きしめたくなった😭もっとXGの笑顔を見たいし嬉し泣きさせたい!花道だけ歩こうXG♡

  • Chisaaaa, was that really necessary? That was such a flex! Your voice is heavenly.

  • I just love these girls energy, the energy is TALENT!