XTRA XG #23 (‘NEW DANCE’ Official Multiverse MV Behind)

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XTRA XG #1-#23
1st Mini Album
Now Available
‘PUPPET SHOW’ Music Video
• XG - PUPPET SHOW (Offi...
'NEW DNA' Special Website
XG's First Solo Audience Live Showcase
2023.11.26 Sun
Venue: PIA Arena MM, Japan

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  • XG is the only group I see that truly just loves every single second of what they do and showcases it on such a personal and pure level. Love seeing idols treat their job like a dream come true🖤

    • I thought I was the only one seeing it that way They seem so happy and it makes me happy too


    • 😂

    • Cmon i'm waiting bro drop the reaction vid

    • 😂😂😂

    • ​@@ryanyanto5812AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CHILL BRO


  • Watching XG bring me so much joy. They are like my free therapy.

  • This is a primary example of “Enjoying the Moment” no matter how hard or how much they’re working they still choose to have fun. Their happiness is infectious, and it brings joy to those around them. I love our Xtraordinary Girls! What a Joy it is to be an ALPHAZ! 🐺♾️

    • Its bcuz they get food and can eat

  • You can tell how genuine a person is when they interact with children and animals. XG is so great!!

  • XGちゃん達は仕事に関わる周りのみんなと楽しんで作品作ってる感じが素敵。

  • XGと子供の組み合わせ好き❤

  • この11分に等身大の彼女たちの良さが全部詰まっている

  • 皆の笑顔が満点でこっちまで幸せ

  • Did I wake up at 4am to watch this? Yes, yes I did. Would I do it again? Yes 10000% I would.

  • 韓国のオンニ文化もいいけど、xgのみんなの対等な友達感覚も日本らしくていいね!

  • 9:29 全然鳩じゃ無いのに、「鳩ぽっぽー🐦」なジュリアちゃん可愛すぎる😂❤

  • サムネのCHISA可愛すぎるよ💖

  • XGのみんなって、誰に言われるでもなく自分たちでエネルギーを創り出してるから最高なんだよな

  • 絶対ハトじゃないのにずっとぽっぽ言うてるJURIAがちkawaii

  • Just as Sienna Lalau said, if they enjoy and love what they do and being respectful about it, it will resonate back to the audience that's why they have a healthy dose of fandom across the globe. Love this NEW DNA era that XG graced us Alphaz ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  • XGちゃんの周りにいるスタッフさんたちが本当にいい人ばかりで幸せです。たくさん声をかけて撮影を盛り上げてくれて、本当に感謝です!

  • サムネのちさちゃん女神過ぎる🫶🫶🫶

  • XG are always making everyone's lives better.

  • JURINちゃん圧倒的カリスマなのに中身はめちゃくちゃ可愛くて人懐こくてキッズにも優しくて、、沼でしかない🥺

  • How you cannot love these girls??? They're so adorable, they genuinely look so happy and really love what they are doing because we all know they always have a passion in everything they do.I will always love and support them forever♾️💪🐺Proud XG stan💯

  • 9:42 The combination of Cocona the youngest member, who quietly watches over the members in a mature way and Jurin the leader, who imitates her is interesting. In particular, Cocona's small murmur of "that's cute," makes me think that she might be virtually the eldest member.

  • カモメっぽい鳥に「鳩ぽっぽー❤」て話しかけてるジュリアちゃん可愛かった😂❤ XGのみんなの可愛さとエナジー、ダンスのカッコ良さ✨素敵でした☺️✨

  • I love these behind the scenes videos! Our girls are full of life and are hilarious! ALPHAZ 🐺 love you!


    • I don’t have hands, I have paws Alpha 🐾

  • I’m sure they had a great time in LA. Another surprise for us Alphaz, XG just keeps giving. What a great production this was

  • 3:18 When our baby Coco petting those two adorable dogs was so precious🥹💕

  • XGはLAバイブがぴったしだね😍

    • いつかLAに住んだりする子もいそう✨️

  • This Multiverse version was one of the most fun things released this year.

  • xg with kids and dogs, i can die happy

  • とんでもなくかわいい😢

  • サムネのCHISAさん大優勝🏆XGを見ていると幸せな気持ちになります♡

  • ジュリン姐さん魅力ありすぎやろ!母性もあるんかい!!!

  • The kids smiling and playing with Hinata, Chisa,Jurin playing is so cute. It reminds me of Jihyo how she was asking her parents that mom called me ugly the moment she saw me after I was born. These moments haunt for life.

  • 3:55 それは私がJURIAに抱く感情そのものです。

    • 間違いないです(笑)

  • Chisa's taking that Muscle Mother nickname into the very core of her being.

  • They're so humble and very down to earth...I love you all so much babies🥹🥰♾️🐺

  • サムネのチサ天使🥺…と思ったらマッスルマザーだったw

  • Everyone worked so hard while XG was in CALIFORNIA. I LOVE the DINER nostalgia… the dogs 🐕, the two little ones and the extra people in the cafe ☕️. Thank you XG for sharing this beautiful memory. You’re the BEST. 🙋🏻‍♀️🐺❤️‍🔥🇺🇸

  • XG forever ❤

  • 2:48でジュリンのピュアさが伝わってきて泣いた😂❤

  • I love how everyone was having so much fun on set 😊❤

  • seagulls are pigeons now because Juria said so 🤣 and Jurin imitating Cocona while she is in deep thought, whos really the maknae LOL

  • 看了好開心啊!!!!❤❤❤

  • エネルギーがある人にはエネルギーある人たちが集まってくるんだとXG見てて感じるな

  • XGちゃん達本当にごくごく自然にアメリカに馴染んでる。みんなの笑顔がLAの太陽と同じくらい眩しいっ!✨撮影スタッフも動画に出演してくださった地元の人たちもダンサーさん達もみんな最高でポジティブなエネルギーが画面上から出まくっててこちらまで笑顔になりました!ありがとうございます。

  • We ALPHAZ are so grateful because we all really fed right of our girls🐺💕

  • 大ブレイク直前の(もうほぼしていますが)目が離せなくなるような求心力ってありますよね、、 パワーとオーラがすごい。

  • ゴールデンレトリバーとココナの組み合わせ最高😩💕💕💕

  • そうか。 ジュリア、マヤ、ココナはまだ現役高校生なんだ💛

  • XGって何でこんなにポジティブで素敵なパワーに溢れてるの?🥺 映像を見てる間ずっとニコニコ笑ってた アイシャドウがメンバーカラーだとは気づかなかった〜 こういう仕掛け楽しい もう1回MV見なきゃ!ってなるね

  • Chisa never fails to be funny 😁 Got a gllimpse of no bangs Juria ❤❤❤ HInata's expressions in new dance is top-notch 🤌

  • these girls give me so much joy, they're literally 7 rays of sunshine! it's so nice to see them spend time with the actors, dancers and crew

  • ずっと純粋で気取らないXGが 可愛くて最高で大好きです❤

  • このMVが実は1番好きだったりする😊😊

  • 8:50のジュリンちゃんとココナちゃん可愛すぎんだが

  • XG and ALPHAZ big moment will come anytime I’m sure XG is going step by step toward their pattern to become those big music stars they deserve to be❤

  • XGちゃん達の笑顔が眩しすぎて泣けてきます🥹✨

  • Absolutely obsessed with the guy constantly hyping them up

  • マッスルマザーが美しすぎるのよ🥹😍

  • Chisa just never fails to make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣 that infection shake

  • XG is just really pure kindness and hilarious at the same time. I love how they were always having so much fun no matter where they are. And I just cannot with everyone's cuteness and laughter. So much joy in here till I, myself start smiling like an idiot. xD We will always love you XG ! ❤ Thanks XG for always making worldwide Alphaz go crazy and happiest day ever !

  • 子供、犬、XG!全部かわいいな

  • 女孩們的互動太可愛了😭❤❤


  • ビハインドでXGの等身大に楽しんでいる様子を見るだけでも嬉しくて泣いちゃうし、MVやパフォーマンスを見ても感動して泣いちゃう。あれ、XGのID-tvコンテンツで毎回泣いてる気がするぞ…?

  • XG 를 사랑하는 모습을 보여줍시다!!! XG 영원히 응원해주실손들어주세요✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

  • 沖縄も最高だけど、LAの海も最高😊

  • The director is golden! He had such a great work ethic to get first day done but still made it fun

  • My Google search history “How to be a dog?” “How to be a kid?”

  • ココナの真似するジュリンちゃん可愛すぎる🤦🏻‍♀💗

  • 이렇게 뮤비 비하인드신 꾸준히 올려주셔서 감사합니다 ㅠㅠ 한글자막까지 압도적 감사 ❤❤

    • Both Japanese and Korean subtitles… that’s awesome!!

  • JURIN×犬サイコー

  • 最高のロケーションでみんなが心の底から撮影を楽しんでいるのが伝わってきます! NEW DANCEのハッピーなバイヴスが世界中に伝染していきますように❤

  • Look at them... they enjoy themselves anytime and anywhere, so I'm really glad XG has that X factor. 🥰

  • Not them starting off with Jurin’s adorable Japanese voice PLEASE 😫💕💕💕

  • This LA trip is so iconic, every second of it!

  • Our muscle mother was finally in Santa Monica beach 🏋️😂💪

    • The beach location was beautiful, I thought it might have been Dockweiler beach but was told that it was Long Beach instead. You can see one of the oil drilling islands that is decorated with palm trees in the background. Para gliders and The Lab, California beach weather and XG. A fatal combination!

  • 6:34 Hinata’s laughs heal the world

  • 8:49 ココナちゃんのほっぺをツンってするジュリンちゃんで発狂

  • 享受在其中的表演才能真正帶給人快樂❤️XG做到了♾️👍🏻💫🐺🧬👽

  • 皆さん心から楽しんでいる様子がうかがえました❤ スタッフの方も盛り上げて下さって、すごくいい雰囲気での撮影だったんですね! 素敵な動画をありがとうごさいました🥰 最高です!!!

  • いや、ジュリアちゃん… 鳩ポッポじゃないから… 😆可愛過ぎる〜💕

  • the way they were interacting with the people in the music video behind the scenes their kindness is on to another level ❤❤❤

  • They only Group that feels real but not like a heavily marketed product. Following them is like following a popular anime or drama that we don't want to end up. Thanks for being real girls!

  • The work put into these is crazy, big up to the team and the girls 🫡

  • Chisa flexing her muscles 😂😂😂

  • Yo watching XG just made my day a bit brighter. The Smiles, the vibes and the antics along with the amazing music and dancing. Bruh Happiness is overflowing.

  • 3:51 Juria’s the type of dog owner that would be dragged by them instead. 😂😭🫶🏻

  • aww so adorable with the kids at the diner

  • めちゃくちゃみんな楽しそうで好きぃぃぃ

  • To the X to the X 💃

  • When I see them I automatically smile 😊

  • みんなの飾らないナチュラルさが本当に大好き‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • 最高にかわいい🥹💖素の感じが炸裂しててこっちまでたのしい!🎉シエナさんが裸足で踊ってるのもかっこいい😊😊😊

  • お姫様達☆*。とイッヌ🐶は可愛ええの塊でした👏👏👏wwwwww


  • XGちゃん動画何かしら毎日上がってて嬉しいwww

  • 香水つける人と犬の散歩をする人の動きを宇宙人が真似してダンスの振り付けに取り入れてるって他の人のコメントで気づいたときはさすがに脳汁溢れ出た 振り付けを考えるときのこと聞けたらいいな!

  • 私にもハッピーが伝染したよ〜🎉 やっぱ最高だよXG!