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XTRA XG #01 - #25
1st Mini Album
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‘PUPPET SHOW’ Music Video
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XG's First Solo Audience Live Showcase
2023.11.26 Sun
Venue: PIA Arena MM, Japan
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  • man Chisa appreciating Jurin for saying "Let's go new dance" is making me tear up. They are not just a group for the audience, they are there for each other and that's so beautiful.

  • 来週の今頃には自分もXGのステージを観てるんだと思ったら泣けてきた

    • 羨まし~😊

    • 楽しんできて!!

    • 俺も同じく、26日を想像するだけで泣けてきます!26日はALPHAZ皆んなで最高に盛り上げましょう‼︎

  • I got teary eyed when they came out of stage hearing the loud cheers from the crowd...soooo proud of you girls🤧

  • What a perfect combo of Jurin and Chisa. That's how leaders are 🫶

    • true! they desrve the captain and vice captain position

  • Peaches歌ってるのを見ていた時、チサがあんなに面白い言動とか表情するギャルだと思ってもなかったぜ😂チドンナ最高や🐺

  • マヤ体調悪いと思えない素敵すぎるパフォーマンスでした😭 どんな時でも全力でパフォーマンスしてて本当に尊敬します😭XGのみんなが健康で元気に過ごせますように‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • HINATAちゃんがXGのお父さんって呼ばれる理由がよく分かる。 特にマンネラインに対しての母性感がすごい。

  • HARVEYちゃんの突然のTOESのあとに、レッドブル摂取したアイドルCHISAちゃん登場してきて面白すぎて何回みても笑ってしまう。

  • The code switch right before they walk out is insane. The complete focus they have just as they're about to perform is on another level. Hallmark of worldclass performers! EDIT: Performing in that kind of heat, especially if you're not used to it, is freakin insane; and yet, no drop in performance.

  • Poor Maya almost passed out 😢 It was so hot that night. We appreciate you XG for giving y'all best ❤

  • XG performing and giving it their all despite the heat is quite amazing. As we saw in the video Maya was pretty effected by the heat quite a bit and since she wasn't in the video from 18:05 until 22:05 leads me to believe the XGALX team was giving her medical treatment to help her feel better. Heat exhaustion aint no joke and I am glad that Maya came out of it alright.

  • I was right there...their stage presence is no joke! Well done XG girls! Come back often ❤️

  • 互いに支え合うメンバー同士が、瞬間瞬間を一緒に楽しんだり、勇気づけあったり、ケアしあったりして最高のパフォーマンスを届けようとしている姿に、あらためて感動と勇気をいただきました。🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 ありがとうXG ❗️♾️❤

  • my friends and i had so much fun during our first XG performance !! we were singing and dancing to every single song and we’re so happy to catch a glimpse of them even though we stood far from the stage ❤ we could tell the people around us had a great time watching you guys for the first time as well 🥹 XG you’re gonna go farrrrrrrrrrrr ♾️🐺

  • うちらのアイドル、チサ通りまーす!ってRedBullキメたチサちゃん来るのヤバいって😂 新喜劇みたいな流れ自然にするの大阪姉妹すぎるww

  • いつもに増してXGの家族感が伝わってきてキュンキュンしてる🥹🫶🏻

  • I remember how hot the weather was during that time! 🥵Even us Singaporeans were complaining how hot it was. I'm glad Maya was alright and recovered as heat stroke is no joke. I hope one day XG gets to do a concert here in SG! Lion City ALPHAZ waiting patiently for that day! ❤🦁🐺

  • This video made me relive the moment when I was there. Could see myself at 9:54 . You guys were so amazing that night. Thank you! I ❤️ U XG! 🇸🇬🐺 Please come back soon. 🫶🫶🫶

  • Hinata taking care of Maya because she was feeling dizzy @2:01 is so heartwarming ♥️and the way she told Cocona to “Do it yourself” when she was asking Maya for help @4:23 is so funny, cute and savage 🤣🫶🏾

  • I was starving for new XG content. This Singapore F1 bts hit the spot! Thank you for your continued hard work ladies. ALPHAZ will always support you wherever you go!! Please remember to take care of yourselves! ♾️❤🐺👽🚀

  • It's funny 😂, but I think the XG Ladies literally took over the race/show. I love it. Well deserved ladies. ❤️ Trinidad 🇹🇹

  • Saw myself in the ALPHAZ footage ! Poor Maya our humid weather here in Singapore can be a little unforgiving at times but am glad that the girls stuck it through and gave us such a great and unforgettable performance! Please come back to Singapore soon!

  • Can't get over how cute and pretty Hinata and Juria is especially during rehearsal. They're such stunners 🙈🙈

  • 何て楽しい動画でしょう。ちーちゃん、あなたは最高です。笑わせてもらいました。 MAYA ちゃん、体調悪かったのに微塵も見せないでよくがんばったね。舞台はかっこよく、ビハインドはもう、本当にそれぞれが魅力的で、思わず泣きそうになってしまった。

  • マジでなんかグループって感じがしない。もうなんというか本当に家族って感じで最高 ステージ前後のアドレナリン全開っぷりはカッコいいし、なんかもうXGって尊敬であり誇りであり宝だな

  • Every day our Xtraordinary Girls are getting their recognition they deserve. The cheers and screams are getting louder and louder every where they go. To our Xtraordinary Girls we ALPHAZ love you so much! Sending you continuous good health and happiness! Especially in moments like this where you’re working so hard. The amount of love and care they show to each other is so heartwarming. XG content just brings so much joy!

  • 普段のメンバーの雰囲気と、ダンスをしてる時のギャップがまた、いいですね😊

  • XG is a group of bunch of talented and top-tier visual idols so STAN THEM!

    • Nasrun Sj/NSBlinkbuddy hater disguised as stan fishing likes for clout to promote channel with rotating praise copy paste comment. Changed pfp and name praising on their videos for every Kpop idol while still hating on livestreams calling them flops and other nasty things...

    • ​@@NO_trolls_toxics_antis_fakefanI wasn't the only one who was seeing that right because I always see see that person in the live stream saying bad things about XG

  • The way they're so adorable, sweet and overall cuties off stage and just complete monster performers on stage never fails to amaze me everytime. That duality is just out of this world. The discipline imbued to them is just amazing. Also Maya not feeling well but still performed with all of her heart is a testament how much these girls love their craft. Much like Cocona during KCON JAPAN her sisters was all hands on deck to make sure she'll be OK. Especially Daddy Hi-chan ❤ Love these girls so much.

  • マーティン無事で良かった🐺いつも最高のパフォーマンスありがとう🏁🏎🦁

  • メンバーに甘えてるcoconaちゃん珍しい😳かわいい〜!

  • Love how they instantly go from the silliest little kids to the most serious performers

  • Chisa with energy drink is another level of fun 😂😂☀️🔥

  • been loving their talks on 15:12 onwards like they become more confident in interacting with the crowd especially Chisa and Jurin ❤❤

    • chisa so crazy please stop her hahaha

  • Chisa never runs out of energy. She's always hype.

  • ステージでは体調の悪さを微塵も感じさせないMayaや他のメンバーの気概はさすがプロフェッショナル そして固い絆で仲間を支え最強のパフォーマンスを披露するXGメンバー最高 だけど、身体にはくれぐれもご自愛下さい XGの元気な姿がなによりファンの宝物です🍀✨

  • i think chisa was not the only one who drank that energy drink 😂....they are still full of energy after performing 🐺

  • Hinata helping Cocona @ 5:00 was so adorable; Papa Hina ensured she didn't mess up her outfit! ✨ Also, I like how confident Chisa and Jurin were with speaking in English to the crowd @ 15:15. They seem more comfortable with it :D,, hopefully we get to see more of that in the future! 💗

  • ステージに飛び出す前の歓声とみんなの顔見てたらショケのこと想像して泣いてしまいました🙋

  • Our girls are truly global stars! ALPHAZ 🐺 love you!!! 😍❤️🫰🫶

  • I'm always impressed by how happy they are to be on stage, to be together and to take care of each other. I follow other GirlsBands like Newjeans which I also like a lot but I don't feel the same pleasure and the same kindness.

    • I like NewJeans too, but not as much as XG. They are special. Above everyone else. I did get to see NJ at Lollapalooza, and they did a really great job! (I also saw XG at both US Head in the Clouds festivals!!)

  • I have a feeling Harvey is a big gearhead/motorhead/motorsports enthusiast. In 3 meals a day on the go kart scene. She showed Juria how to take corners. She loves talking about driving while listening to music and here she loves to make the “vroom” sound. Gawd, she’s after my heart lol

    • Not even surprised. She likes Snakes, Unicorns, Harry Potter, and Driving. There's likely many other unusual, odd, or weird things that Harvey likes.

  • JURINちゃんもCHISAちゃんも、英語がますます上達しててすごいー!! MAYAちゃんの負担も減らせるし、直接気持ちを届けられるのって素敵なことだよね🫶✨ 他のメンバーも日常の会話に英語が混ざってて、みんなの努力が垣間見えて、とても好き! 日本の公演もシンガポールみたいに盛り上がってほしいな〜〜! (チケット取れなかったから配信で見る🥲)

  • 19:02 At this point, I have really accepted to appreciate XG's after-thoughts every time they finish performing overseas. Something so personal that isn't often disclosed on the spot by K-pop idols, and usually are digitally and shortly-written in their social media accounts.

    • AVEX CEO Kuroiwa and Simon that they can bring XG as a Japanese girl group, that is not belonging to any genre of JPOP/KPOP and make them globally successfully. A lot of investments and effort put into XG from AVEX Japanese saw company and the Korea production company, working together! 👌👌❤️❤️💕💕

  • chisaいつも通り様子おかしくて好きよ🫶🏻

  • ビジネス仲良しじゃなく、戦友だよね。最高❤

  • ジュリンちゃんとチサちゃん本番前と後テンション変わらないのすごいしウケる😂😂 日本でのライブが楽しみすぎる!!🥹✨✨

  • I’m thankful to be a part of that crowd! ❤️‍🔥

  • I feel so bad seeing how SG's heat was treating you guys😭😭 thank you guys for coming and still putting on such an amazing performance despite the crazy heat!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • CHISAのフルパワー加減が凄すぎるw MAYAアメリカではずっと先頭で頑張ってたもんね まだここからアブダビ、日本公演もあるんだな〜

  • XG SLAYED SO HARD❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥Im so glad that I managed to watch them live in sg🥰 SINGAPORE ALPHAZ POWERFUL AF FOR THE LOUD SCREAMS😎😎😎😎

  • XG always has a sibling vibe in their crew not a co-worker environment❤️

  • 내년이나 내후년에 코첼라 나가도 될듯, 잘될꺼같아. 인기가 장난이 아니네.

  • XGってメンバー仲がめちゃくちゃ良いとこが沢山見れるから安心出来る、XG大好き!

  • Xtraで一回以上は確実にチサちゃんのオモロタイムがある😂まーてぃん熱中症なりかけだったのにMC完璧にこなして…。ステージに向かう7人の無敵感すごくてヤバイ!

  • マーティン✨リハの時から顔が赤かったから心配して見てたけど、いつもと変わらないパーフェクトなパフォーマンスだったね😭💐✨💕✨ 良く頑張ったね😭💕✨✨ でも無理しないでね😊 単独ライブで楽しみにしています‼️

  • Hi-Chan is so loving and helpful to her children. ❤

  • 最初から凄いんだけど、日々の成長を感じて涙が😭😭showcase楽しもう!!!声出していこうALPHAZ❤

    • 26日はALPHAZ皆んなで最高に盛り上げましょう‼︎

  • 13:50 XG - SHOOTING STAR 14:27 XG - LEFT RIGHT 15:12 XG - Talking 16:15 XG - NEW DANCE

  • XG are just the zenith of random adorableness - every member can steal your heart at any given moment I love how goofy and chaotic they are behind the scenes, but then instantly switch to serious slayer mode once they walk out onto the stage. Juria being initially excited about riding in the back, then regretting it right away haha She's such a cutie🧡 aww Cocopan relying on her XG baby privileges by asking for help from her sis👶🥺 Daddy H was stern at first, but eventually caved in to the maknae's appeal lol And so sweet of her and Mama Chi-chan to take care of Maya (I'm glad she was ok - gotta be careful with that hot weather) I do hope Chisa remembers her own admonition to Simon about drinking too much Monster (in her case, it's Redbull) - she was so hyper! 😂 And of course, they totally crushed their performance that night. It may have been an F1 event, but it was the girls who really got ALPHAZs' hearts racing ! 💓📈🥰

  • i was there quite near and i can tell y’all they were insane the crowd was crazy for them too

  • 様子のおかしいCHISA大好きw

  • ahhh F1 x XG… my two worlds colliding 🤩❤️

  • Chisa is just crzy fun lmao😂🤣🤣

  • ขอบคุณแฟนๆให้ที่กำลังใจ XG ดูแล้วน้ำตาไหลเลย

  • XGがライブを楽しんでいるのが伝わってくる そして見てるこっちも楽しくなってくる、最高だ

  • ステージ上の笑顔がほんと観てて楽しい! いつになくHINATAちゃんとHARVEYちゃんがテンション高め⤴︎なのはMAYAちゃんのためかなーってなんとなく思いました😌さすがHESONOOで繋がっている🥹

  • 体調が万全でなくてもステージ上ではキラキラで、プロ根性ですね😭本当にかっこいい😭そして、普段も良い子たち😭

  • Watching this was just like reliving the experience again. I am so glad I was able to be one of those amongst the crowd to see XG live. The energy was crazy and I am so glad they exjoyed their experience here in Singapore.

  • Omg the live vocals is just the best

    • 💯. And haters will still say otherwise

    • ​@@MarkCalicaSince when do we give so much importance to what the haters say?

  • you guys did AMAZING, your stage performances are TOP TIER ILYYSM

  • I live for Juria making courageous spontaneous decisions and then regretting them immediately (running towards the risu, rollercoasters at Disney, riding the cart backwards) lolololol!!!!

  • Ladies of XG please be cautious of your health. Congrats on the F1 Singapore performance. I'm sure you guys rocked as usual. ❤️ Trinidad 🇹🇹

  • なんだ、この可愛くて尊い存在は!XGのおかげで仕事頑張れます。ありがとうございます!

  • 基本的に楽屋でも元気いっぱいなの、それだけ楽しみなんだろうな〜って。 見てて幸せな気持ちになる☺️

  • チサちゃんが終始ボケ倒してる😂 これから世界のトップアーティストになるのにナニワ感が過ぎるwww

  • The Crowd was insane. XG deserve all good things🔥🥰

  • Looking at Simon's message, I can see that they have received a lot of love from the staff. really cute girls

  • A week from today, I finally get to see them live!!! My adrenaline is racing up n down just by watching this!!!!!

    • I couldn't get a ticket! So jealous!! Enjoy!

    • It's amazing seeing them live, it didn't feel real, I literally spent half the time just staring at them in disbelief, like am I dreaming? are they real?! make sure to enjoy every moment cause its going to feel like it went by REALLY fast, the ride home and the next day is the worst feeling! so excited for you to experience them live!

    • See you in Tokyo

    • @@LUCI-zu8tgyup, I’ve been saying this. Seeing them live is a whole different experience

  • They are amazing and love them so much that I can't praise them enough. proud of them

  • Oh lord, the heat and humidity in Singapore? Hats off to true professionals.

  • XGの凄いところはデビュー前、多少のプロモーションしていたが、全くと言っていいほど世界でも日本でも話題になる事なく、デビューしてから徐々に、実力で人気を得ているところ🐺来年も楽しみでしかない👽宇宙へ行こう🛸

  • They need to take care of XG my queen's with water and Big fans on stage 🤯

    • Yes very dangerous Maya was almost down after the show 😮

  • ステージにたてばバチクソイケてるお姉さん達なのに、普段は本当に可愛らしい(⁠*⁠´⁠ω⁠`⁠*⁠)可愛すぎる。開かないですのくだり可愛すぎる。

  • Harvey's hypnotic wits all over again, affecting the members of XG 😂

  • 5:27 「ハビたん何してるんwムードメーカーやなぁ…😂」と思ってたら、桁違いの生粋エンターテイナー入室してきて声出た。ちーちゃんらぶよ😂💛

  • マーティン、ちょっと熱中症になってたのだね。。本当に倒れなくて良かった。。チサちゃんも調子悪そうだったけど、最後めちゃくちゃテンション高くて笑った❤さすがチサちゃん❣️

  • まさに、箱推ししたくなる最たる動画であります🐺🌈

  • Wow ! The way they always perform perfectly and give their all regardless of the heat, tiredness, jet lag or illness is just incredible. True professional performers, even though they're still rookies ❤ I hope Maya feels better...

  • サイモンさん&スタッフさん、いつものように素晴らしいコンテンツありがとうございます🎉 いやホントにこの7人、魅力がスゴイのよ‼︎ 観れば観るほど魅力がハンパない✨ 面白おかしな時も、ステージチェックの真剣モードの時も、本番も何もかもが魅力的でしかない。ヤバイ暑さの中ホントにお疲れ様でした。XGちゃんたち、マジで最強で最高😆

  • The more I watch XTRA XG the more I am addicted to XG🥰

  • 5:27 whatever harvey is doing she’s so cute 😂❤️

  • XGがステージ入りした時の観客の歓声!鳥肌!鳥肌っ!鳥肌っっ!シンガポール最後!

  • ひーちゃんが常にマーティンに寄り添ってあげてるのが尊い… 高温多湿をよく乗り切ったね!と親目線で見てしまう😢 何せ本当に素敵なチームよね。 あーーーーー、それにしても横浜SHOWCASE楽しみすぎて本気で気絶するやも!

  • Xg never disappoint 😊

  • ショーケースまで、後8日🫶 日本に集まるALPHAZ🐺楽しみだね🙌

  • ひなたちゃんは、いつも周りを見ていてほんとに優しいのが画面から伝わってきました😆まやちゃんが具合悪い時すぐに側でケアしてあげてるし、ほんと縁の下の力持ちで感動🥹しちゃった。 XGちゃん、みんな大好きです😍

  • 相当暑かったんだね 特にマーティン無事で何より🥹 今日もCHISAが暴走してた😂 みんなオモロいけど🤭

  • みんなキャラが良すぎて、こんな楽しそうなグループ見てて本当に癒される。 🐿️が可愛すぎる。

  • Mayaaaa 😥🤗