YG Trainee - JENNIE KIM (김제니)

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YG Trainee - JENNIE KIM (김제니)
Age: 16
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese
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  • She's forever queen🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • she can spit on my face

  • 지금까지도 멋있어

  • plot twist: the reason yt has been recommending this recently is because jennie be rappin like eminem in their next comeback

  • after cursing then the end she bow savage ma queen JENNIE

  • my baby, i love u my star...💕

  • Iugh...!!! 😣😖😫


  • JENNIE: Rapping YG: BeepBeepBeep (I know they have a reason, but it's just funny how much they curse in English 😂😂)

  • When jennie was my age... omg

  • I wonder if YG knows what is the meaning of Main Rapper.

  • legendary I want her to rap like this again

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • I need Jennie Purple-Black hair

  • A Queen :)

  • Still waiting for this kind of Rapper Jennie 😭

  • I made a video on why Jennie is my bias and I put the links to all videos I put in there and yg copyrighted it

  • No one! Literally no one can top this!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> Proof that Blackpink was going to be named as pinkpunk....

  • 💗

  • Confidence is when you say a bad word in front of juges, without paying attention, and that's what Jennie Did Congrats

  • She syill looks different here , ohhh i forgot kpop artist are addicted to plastic surgery

    • She's also 15 year old here International age. I don't think she's had anything done except for possibly her eyelids.

  • I wish Jennie to rap again like that in their Comeback huhu rapper Jennie❤

  • 2012: who's Jennie? 2020: BLACKPINK

  • Go Jennie MY QUEEN

  • She's more swag in here

  • 2020 👋🏻

  • Aww baby Jennie

  • Lalisa buttiful and Jennie cute

  • the fact that they were almost called, "PinkPunk" i- 😳

  • *عسل من صغرها🌸*

  • 이거 왜자꾸 뜨냐궄ㅋ큐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 그래도 잼쒀

  • Blackpink tus patronas

  • jennie swearing is my new favorite concept

  • Loving this badass jennie♥️

  • Cómo se llama esta canción (rap) que la jennie esta cantando (Rapiando )

  • did she write that?

  • I wish I could be Jennie kim a great rapper amazing singer my dreams in be a kpop idol is crazy how people is so lucky 😊😞 I hope one day I will be a kpop idol

  • scream.

  • My love😍🖤

  • i love jennniee

  • I didn't know Jennie is a Singer in 2013

  • So many bad words for Little girl :/

  • I will lose my sanity if YG doesn’t give Jennie rap parts.

  • Mocking Indian culture

  • Racist

  • Lol bully

    • Pooja Yadav proof?

  • She said the n word


  • im just so proud.

  • Who dislike Jennie (BANG) no more?

  • 2020 : I am soooooo glad that Jennie did NOT go down the cutesy road with us cuz damn... She is a natural boss ass bitch!!!🔥🔥🔥 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a> got me thinking twice... BTW.. "Blackpink" was wayyyy better than "Pink Punk" 💯💯💯 #facts 😂

  • 미쳣네 .............

  • Swag..

  • 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • name song?

  • Alguém em 2020?

  • Love youuu

  • I think if suga and jennie do a collab it would be perfekt!

  • Blackpink(PinkPunk) was supposed to debut on 2012 for y'all who don't know

  • 2020 anyone? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • 썸네일이 공격적이라 한번 들어와봤는데 넘 졸귀인것...

  • Comback blackpink

  • Blackpink

  • Blackpink

  • Blackpink comback 😭❤

  • Hello 🌚🌚 babe

  • After rapping all the badass word she bow down that was indeed cool

  • Pls tell me which rap music is this?

  • Whats the name of the rap?

  • i miss jennrapper 😭 please jennrapper comeback

  • Y desde ahí dijeron ya sabemos a quien explotar

  • they beeped out the bad words Jennie..... love ya ur so good at rapping stupid yg

  • Yeah la muñeca fea yupi yupi el muñeco chucky

  • I hate you YG....... How dare you to replace blackpink! Every blink dreaming about a comeback in 2020 and you? Just do another Girl group. I didint think you were that bad....

  • What is this song's name?


  • She changed so much.. from swag boyish Jennie to elegant but savage Jennie Kim🥺❤️

  • 2012: Who's Jennie? 2020: She is YG's MoDEl (LMAO!!)

  • This is where it all started folks👑