Youtube Feud w/Felix

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Mr.Oopsie Man and I play our own game and forget how to record a video
Swedish Man:
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  • Content

  • 2:31 I ship this, *Whispers* better not tell pewds


  • They have so much gay energy together

  • I’m taller than jack and I’m 12

  • Jack's mental age: 20 Pewd's mental age: 32 Together their mental age: 9 perfectly fit for the generals of the 9 year's old army 💂‍♂️💂‍♂️

  • Come to Ohio jackaboy

  • I love how the recipes icon is POTATOS. HJONK HJONK

  • Are they finally eloping? Is the dream finally coming true?

  • Great start on cameras!!!!!!

  • "I fell your ear on my head!" -Jacksepticeye 2019

  • Y'all need to do more videos of just y'all being dumbasses and hanging out together 😭💕

  • 9:20 play Façade then.


  • Robin is so funny XD

  • Umm where's the top of the morning ladies

  • 9:41 sink in the background

  • Even together They still roast each other

  • Omg I'm the same height as Jack

  • Tf is a Lerum ( or however its spelled )


  • Am i taller then u?

  • Google Fewds with Pewds

  • what camera does he use?

  • wow, this video was posted on my birthday.

  • Two bro's make a video...and surprise, they didn't really do anything....Legends lol

  • Jack:this is a shit video *me:BEST 1:00 AM MORNING EVER.*

  • This video makes me so happy.

  • 2:52 Felix would not be good at doing the LAUGH

  • I love how Felix speaks Swedish,English. He talks English with an Swedish accent sometimes. I LOVE IT😍

  • am 160 and 15 years old

  • I'm ha

  • When I first saw the new coke energy I thought of you because of the design

  • Does anyone remember he old intro ???

  • This video was the day I was born aka my birthday

  • Us Americans don’t get the heights part of the video

  • pls bless pewds with this kind of quality

  • 12:23 in this moment these 2 gays destroyed the world 😎

  • I swear this is my favourite video on the internet

  • Hey it's charmo

  • Oh ma gawd it has ksi

  • Wtf im 14 and im 1.72, I'm as tall as Jack🤣🤣🤣

  • Great content! Love these bullshit collabs! Makes me laugh so hard! xD

  • You tube : I want to know what's behind that beep.

  • Don’t swore

  • 0:55 "i thought you were taller than you ARR" *pirate intensifies*

  • Not gonna lie jacks hair looked real good when he didn’t have green hair but before long slicked back hair

  • pssst Jack, you’re so quiet now. Lol it’s just weird but I don’t want you to fake anything, I like your channel either way.

  • Like it when pewds looks at the camera when jack says something lol

  • Felix can be as tall as he wants because he doesn't have legs lol 😂.

  • 0:20 that made me confuse-

  • Someone is gotta make a ship of thay xddddd

  • What is a lerum tho

  • They legit feel like real brothers

  • lowkey this is one of my favorite jacksepticeye videos. it’s just them dicking around and being funny

  • Shawn dee

  • I'm 1.37m

  • Can we talk about how much of an amazing job Robin did editing this video real quick

  • 11:52 i didn't know Daniel was that short 😂 1.68 m

  • wow this felix guy should really have a youtube channel