Youtube Feud w/Felix

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Mr.Oopsie Man and I play our own game and forget how to record a video
Swedish Man:
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  • They say bruh just as much as my friend and I😂

  • Jack you forgot the intro

  • BUt honestly Sean playing facade would be hilarious-

  • i keep coming back to this video solely for this moment at 1:30. the sound effect just kills me.

  • 2:56 Is Morgz here

  • wow we can actually see pewds

  • Greatest video in my existence

  • Yes, us ohio people n e e d to know how tall our lord and savior is

  • *i felt your ear on my head*

  • They look like a gay couple

  • Felix : *I am always in bad quality*

  • Bruh I’m 6’0 so I’m waaaaaay taller than both of you😂

  • I’m 14 and taller than Lele Pons

  • 10:44 Felix: why did we become eastern europeans Niko bellic: life is complicated Btw in gta 4 are a lot of irish characters

  • It's like they met for the first time

  • when two collab The community shall Collaborate as well

  • why is felix in 144p but Jack is in 1080p?

  • Can we please have more videos of you guys just eating shit 😂😂 I can't stop laughing lol

  • Can we please have more videos of you guys just eating shit 😂😂

  • Pause at 9:08 and on the second video subscribe to him

  • The very start looks like that ending in yandere simulator where you befriend your rival

  • I swear every video, I'm just waiting for Robin to cry for help🤣 with secret text

  • " I'm not a furry *on camera* "

  • 3:59 i am a furry...who is furry leave like i hope in not the only furry here;D

  • Felix looks soooo good in this vid is it just me

  • Too many ads

  • jack looks like the bad guy from watch dogs 2 in this video

  • 1:37 True bromance XD {jk don’t hate}

  • What was the word Jack was calling Pewds in Swedish???

  • Im 13 and taller than both of them 😂

  • 👏👏

  • how is pewds 181 cm if he doesnt have legs? update: even worse 12:49

  • *s n a p p y*

  • I come back to this video to hear pewds say non christian words

  • Finnally your with felix again

  • 9:06 beanie boi?

  • The lens won't focus on both of them at same time 😂😂😂

  • Mr pie suck

  • Me: likes video, then unlikes it just to like it again "I am truly an intellectual."

  • What part of Ireland are you from I’m from Dublin

  • They are brothers from another mother 😆

  • Jack you look weird now Sorry

  • do i see a pewdiseptieye?

  • why

  • jesus christ

  • We need more of this

  • 4:03 Jack: I'm not a furry *on camera* Me: 😳😮 🤣

  • Gosh dang it now jacks beard is bigger than Felix 😂

  • That quality Thumbnail

  • Oh