Ziyech Books Final Spot For Blues | Chelsea 1-0 Manchester City | Emirates FA Cup 2020-21

Dipublikasikan tanggal 18 Apr 2021
Hakim Ziyech's second-half goal for Chelsea booked a spot for the Blues in the final of the Emirates FA Cup, as they beat Manchester City at Wembley Stadium.
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  • Tucel is 12 player in team

  • Please no Anthony Taylor for the final. He is anti Chelsea

  • here after Tuchel got another dub from Guardiola

  • Insya Allah skor terulang di final liga champions


  • Who's here for the PL match between Chelsea & Man City at the Etihad today?

  • Hmm Tuchel has done a gud job!!! Chelsea are back after years of being lost

  • Diaz destroyed by Werner pace and intelligent. Finish player

  • Ziyech goal just build up with 5 pass succes . 👍


  • Zyech sometimes make poor kick he is supposed to be careful knowing that jocking in scoring can cost the team

  • AT UCL Mahrez will be present totally other story. He will color the blue in transparent.

  • Final liga Champions

  • Chelsea be careful for revenge!!.. UCL Finals..

  • Chelsea has so many attacking options and it worked really with Ziyech. I think he will play against this week. City is totally outclassed by possession and attacking.

    • @Herman M city did nothing whole game. I watched live and rewatch full match multi time. They was outplayed and couldn't create a proper shot on goal. Should have easily been 3 or 4 : 0 to Chelsea. City has never given space to play their football

    • did you even watch the whole match or you just watched the highlights ?

  • Who is here after Chelsea made the CL final ?!

  • Who is here after champions league final?

  • Win in two finals this year, FA and Champions

  • Final UCL 2021

  • Just realized that Chelsea play Man City this Saturday. Already got a prelude for the Final :)!

  • Pep : watching for UCL homework 📚

  • Who is here after knowing that uefa champions League final is Chelsea Vs city 😂😂

  • Quadruple who?

  • Chelsea vs Man city Uefa champions League finalist

  • Champions League final preview perhaps????

    • @Mr Meme only Ederson didn't play. this is the squad Guardiola played against PSG. Chelsea is too tactically solid to break

    • Nah City played with the bench players here ! I think the preview will come this Saturday

  • who's here after the final of ucl was determined ?

  • Who is here after Chelsea - Man. City UCL Final confirmed

  • Who's watching before Chelsea and mancity premier league and UCL final games?

    • @Sirleh khamis If they can contain Chelsea's press and energy, then you are right. This might be the year.

    • City is gonna win UCL

  • Who’s here after chelsea reached the final vs city in ucl?


  • We’re having another Chelsea vs City match! This will be a great UCL Final!

    • @Mr. truth forever not a fan of both honestly 😂 I’m just gonna enjoy the match as a football fan. Strength and advantage wise, probably City imo, but if Chelsea play like they did here, it’ll be hard to tell

    • Who will win According to you ?

  • Let’s gooooo

  • Chanpions league 2021 final?

  • Champions League Final

  • Every time we win they will say the opps “didn’t play well”

  • Chelsea won the C1 Cup! 💐💋

  • Chelsea vô địch cúp C1 luôn nhé!! 😃😊

  • Only chelsea can beat world class coach..

  • Same result in the Champions league final. KTBFFH 💙

  • Kepa clean sheet city was rlly bad

  • @3:03 wondering why he ain't go for a glorious chip!

  • The increase in Champions League games if going to decrease the value of national cup matches such as the FA Cup or Deutche Pokal. If you care about your national cups, you should start protesting UEFA for this as well.

  • A City fan here.. see you in the UCL final.. all the best Chelsea

  • Nice done Chelsea huh brilliant you are in final

  • Here for KEPA

  • King ziyech 💙💙💙

  • If timo were hazard,it was 3-0

  • literally this game could've ended 5️⃣-0️⃣

  • When will we ( Man City) win Champions Trophy? We are Happy winning Premier League only. Under Zinadine Zidane sir Real Madrid won Champions Trophy continuously three Times. We are just sucking our Thumbs under Pep Guardiola. Sack Him Immediately.

  • Entire Man City Team needs to be changed immediately. Heads would have rolled had it been any other club. Our Owners are Stinking Rich and are busy in enjoying Heavenly Pleasures Only. Pathetic Performance by Man City.

  • Pep Guardiola should be sacked immediately.

  • Ziyech 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • We tried our best as Man City but lucky was not at our side on that day.We are focusing on the next game nw

  • From Argentina boca juniors fan & chelsea fan

  • Focus UCL 😘😘

  • Man city 🥺

  • Tuchel is the new Conte

  • It should been 3-0

  • very positive Chelsea vs look short Manchester City

  • Kepa and Chilly got same barber?

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-LAMkBSW9JKs.html&start_radio=1.

  • Cần chân sút tuyến 2 tốt

  • No.

  • Still fun facts: since Abramovich era, everytime he sacked manager in mid season, the replacement always somehow find success in cup competition especially europe competition 2007: sacked Mourinho, Avram Grant made to UCL final 2008: sacked Scolari, Hiddink almost made to final if not because of that infamous match vs Barca 2012: AVB sacked, Di Matteo WON UCL 2013: Di Matteo sacked, Rafa WON Europa League 2021: Lampard sacked, Tuchel now in UCL semis and FA cup final

  • Steffen blunder

  • Soooooo nicooooo

  • Loser city

  • This is not fair on how you can see how man city are distracted by the idea of the super league


  • Thomas tuchel with a master stroke he split that team open

  • It took tuchel 1 year to reach champions league semifinal and took 5 your for pep to reach champions league semifinal with a monster sqaud like city

  • Imagine spending $300M and you barely qualify for the FA Cup final

    • Awww u wanna cry😂😥 and btw city is a more expensive side than us

  • صغير انجلترا هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههع

  • This match was 4-0. Ridiculous offside calls. Chelsea tactically superior.

  • How cant Chelsea cannot be on a favourite list to became a ucl winner with this great gameplay against MC

  • I hope Tuchel learned his lesson again and again and againnnnnn that Ziyech is the heart of Chelsea

  • ESL playoffs?

  • Stop super league

  • Ziyech goal

  • Guys ziyech is by 75% because he dont play all the games

  • Bye bye quadruple hahahahaha

  • Absolutely 5 great passes to Ziyech goal

  • ESL

  • I love this Chealse team they are starting to gel with new additions, add a starting defender and defender to throw in there in carbor cup games and FA cup games that got some experice and I could see us winning the Premeir league, and FA Cup in 2022. Lets win the FA Cup and Champions league this year boys!

  • Chilwell had enough space to let that ball come dow, then dibble before shooting, wasted a excellent pass from Reece James. That shot left something to be desired.

  • Mason Mount 😍😍 Love you from Russian

  • Season 2021 Chelsea winner Champions

  • Monopoly

  • Tuchel would be an idiot if he plays with three in the back vs Real Madrid

  • welcome to super league... bastard~

  • Haha this is better than Lampard line up. They should win the cup after losing last year.

  • Kepa is my idoll

  • I mean the young man city goalkeeper did well

  • Ziyech passing is magical

  • Lets go chelsea win fa cup

  • Wow.. this Chelsea team is AMAZING.. outplayed City in a Semi-Final.. Thank you Tuchel

  • City when they saw Kepa between the sticks: Singing: Ole x4 then....Lol

  • revaneg

  • Chelsea is entertainment to watch we will champion next month.

  • Mantap chelsea.