Zombie Apocalypse Survival Hacks - Compilation! Episode 6-9

Dipublikasikan tanggal 5 Apr 2020
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Today we decided to recall what happened in last 4 episodes of the zombie apocalypse story! Are you interested in this too? Then get comfortable and watch all the series in a row!
Today we decided to recall what happened the previous 4 episodes of the zombie apocalypse story! Are you with us? Then get comfortable and watch episodes 6 through 9!
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    • Damacio Saucedo 22

  • those are balloon zombies i love ur videos :)

  • Snowballs will NOT kill a zombie so that part is dumb

  • I LOVE THE PARK AND YOURE VIDS. May I have a shoot out pls

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  • like si hablas español y quieres que salga en español todos los capítulos

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  • Please make episode 11

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  • I'm watching this cause with the virus right now ya never know

  • I wanna tell you something Almost there You got this You got this *HI:D* *HAHAHA*

  • 6

  • in Hindi

  • Zombies aren’t real but it was a really funny video and I’m a big fan

  • How has time to get gas during a apoclips

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  • snow makes the world look like a nuclear winter and without snow it looks like dying light map but shorter buildings

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  • Okay the fire Trick doesn't work Use a Grenade Hold that Zombie IS Female 7:15 That's Not nice to call a Female Zombie a Male Zombie Hold up Ew Zombie People >~< Also The trap will not work use Tape Can this get any Odder Yes a Belt Ew Okay Pub G Doesn't work in real life Use Melt Medieval Armor And Medieval Weapons Use a Fan Blade For a Blade and Add Nails to It Use the Far Cry for the Car OwO also Use bob Wire How Meany Times have you did this How did that even work where are the workers also the power shouldn't work okay Now that makes sense If there is zombies and everything is working Try To use Water and Takes The ice out for the Snow ball Thingy

  • omg 😨

  • I wonder who are the zombies 🍳🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️

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  • Make a part two

  • Why do they need 100 different types of weapons isn't one enough!!

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  • Those are not real zombies they just have makeup and there playing

    • Are you fricking serious??

  • The music name is ghost the first song i mean

  • This is just like a movie!!

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  • Is zombie even real?

    • Yes zombies can be real

    • Abraham uh say what now ?

    • There’s a drug that makes you eat people so that’s kinda a zombie

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  • "Oops an opsticall on the road we cant get around" DRIVE THE FRICK AROUND!!!!!!

  • Just so everyone knows, I have been studying zombies for years and years. This is the worst advice that you could ever have for a z apocalypse. And just so you all know almost all of said origins on a zombie have to be working for the host of the virus to survive. The body will start to break down after a while and the virus knows this thus it eats all meat it can find and transmit sometimes to continue spending the virus. Thus the heart l, lungs, digestive tract, and many others.

    • Aryan Singh they can be so don’t say they are not I’m on Tyler’s side

    • @Aryan Singh but I still have been studying what they would be like or will

    • But zombies are not real....

  • 💡💡💡💡. I got a good. I. idea

  • This is dum 🙄

  • Zombie

  • The zombie is so naive

  • This is embarrassing to watch omg.... never... ever... use fire... against zombies... like EVER the only thing worse than a regular zombie is a zombie on fire


    • yes that is so true because they go towards fire not away they go towards light cause they are technically blind in the dark

    • Lol

  • I hate zombies

  • I want to hear real voice of you & your friend’s

  • इस वीडियो को हिंदी में बना कर भेजो

  • How the person in the other car will know that the girls are attacked by zombies

    • They know because its a signal that there are survivors

  • Ngeri 😱🧟‍♀🧟‍♀

  • if this was realistic all the car truck would have is a empty bottle and a used napkin

  • i’m watching this for the video

  • Is this real :(

  • I am scared

  • i watch this like 100 times :) hehehe

    • Then u would be watching 4,000 minutes of this shitty ass content or 66 hours of just complete ass content. Also Ik ur lyin cause u would have to spend about 3 days straight watching this crap video. If I did that id take a spoon and scoop my eyes out, and then after that take a knife and shove it in my ears

  • Eu gostei muito dos episódios do trumtrum

  • Nice 😁

  • Are zombies real im ganna be died

    • Maybe, because of a virus spreading.

  • i meant on 2:38

  • girl on 3:38 it is very dagangerous its not dangerious if your going to die

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  • Quick, start the car. Oh no. It will not start. I am so scared.😐

    • Me too I pissed my self from fear. Ignorant fuckheads

    • yeah.. dont mean to be rude but they should probably change that voice to a more gloomy one at least, it sounds like their happy that they are about to die.

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